SAM Splint

SAM Splint

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The MooreBrand® SAM® Splint, also known as the pocket cast, is a foam padded splint for greater comfort and adaptable for use in many situations.

Product Features:

  • X-ray translucent
  • Waterproof
  • Reusable
  • Sizes: 4 1/4" x 18", 4 1/4" x 36"
  • Orange/Blue or Gray

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EMS Econo-Vac Splints™

Product From Ecolab/Microtek Medical

You’ve just found the one performance splint you can afford to lose. Econo-Vac Splints™ are low cost, disposable and eliminate the concern of expensive products being lost or left at the hospital. Visit

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Oregon Spine Splint II

Product From Skedco, Inc.

Choice of the U.S. Army, this spinal immobilization/extrication device is the only device of it's type that meets all of the established criteria for immobilizing a seated patient. An ideal companion for the Sked® Stretcher System, when properly used the OSS II provides for safe removal of patients from injury sights without doing further damage to the spine. The unique criss-crossing shoulder strap design provides superior immobilization without restricting breathing and, for clavicle fractures, can be re-configured to retract and immobilize the shoulders. The OSS II is designed to provide easy access to the patient's chest or abdominal area for treatment or diagnostic procedures. It can be used in place of a conventional short backboard and as a hip or leg splint. The OSS II includes a shoulder board not found in similar devices, which can be used to prevent compression of the shoulders when using a flexible stretcher.

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JETT (Junctional Emergency Treatment Tool)

Product From North American Rescue (NAR)

The nature of high extremity wounds to the thigh/groin region challenges the effective control of rapid hemorrhage. When treatment of such an injury is not amenable to standard tourniquets, the Junctional Emergency Treatment Tool (JETT™) is a ruggedized mechanical compression device designed especially for the prehospital environment to effectively control inguinal junctional hemorrhage at or near the point of injury. Constructed of 1050 Denier ballistic nylon, mil spec webbing and 2 in. Duraflex buckle, the JETT™’s ready-to-use belt is complete with two individually adjustable compression pad assemblies strategically placed for simultaneous application to one or both lower limbs. When situated over the crease between the pelvis and thigh, these prepositioned pads are poised to apply pin point pressure to the femoral artery by tightening the ergonomic Threaded T-Handle (windlass axle). The unique locking mechanism with lanyard and toggle keeps the device securely tightened down in spite of vibration or bumps that may occur during patient transport.

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Front Closure Clavicle Support

Product From Ă–ssur Americas
  • Unique supportive clavicle splint
  • Features front closure design for convenience in application
  • Comfortable padding over clavicle area
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Slishman Traction Splint

Product From Rescue Essentials

The Slishman Traction Splint is a new innovative traction device. This is the only traction splint on the market that allows traction to be pulled from the hip. The lower hitch can be attached proximal to the calf, enabling traction splinting in case of lower extremity trauma. It's easily applied during manual traction, another difference from its competitors. Light, compact and one-size fits all, the Slishman traction splint quickly adjusts to every patient.

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CT-EMS Carbon Traction Leg Splint

Product From FareTec Inc.

“A splint to solve your leg traction needs—in a small one pound bag.”

  • Entire splint, and ankle hitch, are designed to fit adult through pediatric patients
  • Integral reflective strap system; comes out of the bag ready to go, no loose straps
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Sager Emergency Traction Splint

Product From Minto Research & Development, Inc.

The Sager Extreme Emergency Traction Splint, Model SX404, is the compact Sager alternative! Treats proximal third and mid-shaft femoral fractures. Radiolucent design enables X-rays/CAT scans to be taken without removing the splint. Universal fit accomodates adults or children (5th to 99th percentile of patients). Treats unilateral or bilateral fractures with rapid assembly/rapid one-person application. Compact, robust, lightweight and folds into a single 13.75-inch x 10.75-inch x 4.25-inch case. Visit

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Product From iTec Mfg., LLC

The Adjust-A-Splint uses an innovative design allowing for quick, easy splinting. These waterproof splints incorporate self-gripping, movable straps, eliminating direct pressure to an injury. Splints contour to patient while maintaining rigidity. They have sturdy hard outer shells with foam padding inside for comfort. The 18” splint works great for IV boards. With multiple sizes to choose from, the Adjust-A-Splints meet all your splinting needs. Visit

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Product From Hartwell Medical Corp.

Using vacuum technology, the EVAC-U-SPLINT product line can handle almost any need. Splints easily conform to dislocated shoulders, fractured hips, and angulated wrist fractures. The adult and pediatric vacuum mattresses quickly and comfortably mold to the specific contours of the patient's body while also providing thermal insulation and decreasing the potential for hypothermia. 

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SAM Splint

Product From SAM Medical Products

The SAM 

Splint is built from a thin core of aluminum alloy, sandwiched between two layers of closed-cell foam. Bent into any of three simple curves, it becomes extremely strong and supportive for any fractured or injured limb. The SAM Splint is incredibly lightweight (only 4.0 oz.). No other device offers so many variations for the treatment of orthopedic emergencies. Also available is the SAM Splint XL at 5.5" wide, for improved support and immobilization of larger individuals.

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