Broselow Pediatric Resuscitation System

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Broselow Pediatric Resuscitation System


The Broselow™ Pediatric Resuscitation System is designed with children's care in mind. The system supplies you with all the information and equipment you need for your young patients' emergency resuscitation requirements, all contained in a color coded, easy-to-use kit. Work accurately. Work swiftly. Make the Broselow System part of your essentials.

Includes 28 size-specific procedural modules in seven pouches, flying carpet, Broselow™ Pediatric Emergency Tape and all other equipment shown in photo. All contained in a heavy-duty ALS equipment organizer.

The Broselow Pediatric Emergency System is approved for the PALS education program. For children 3 to 36 kg.

Broselow products are exclusive to Armstrong Medical.