Quik Lift Patient Transport Device

Quik Lift Patient Transport Device

Quik Lift Patient Transport Device Product Image

Quik Lift was designed for safety and versatility. Versatility allows for safe patient extractions where 6' of access is unavailable, for RIT and down steep angles or stairs. Leg support is available when needed.

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Mustang Single Pole Traction Device

Product From EP + R Emergency Products + Research

Traction can be applied distally or proximally for femoral and humeral fractures. Unlike all conventional single pole traction devises, the Mustang does not require pole extension beyond the foot, making it ideal for any confined space (e.g., air and wilderness and military rescue.) It can be used with below-the-knee amputations. The pole is made of a strong composite, spaceage carbon material that is x-ray, MRI and CT translucent. Compact and lightweight design—4.5" x 10" (114.3mm x 254mm), 9oz. (0.255146KG)—makes it easy to store in any medical or assault kit. A vacuum seal prevents oxygenation, dust or sand infiltration and allows compact storage. Features easy to follow instructions and a five year warranty. Visit

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Sked Basic Rescue System with Cobra Buckles

Product From Skedco, Inc.

The original and still the best solution for confined space, high angle or technical rescue, and traditional land based applications, the Sked stretcher is a revolutionary design which provides outstanding patient protection and security.

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Vetter Belt

Product From Vetter Belt

The Vetter Belt is the most safe, simple and secure way to get a non-injured person back on their feet. The bariatric lifting assist belt can be placed on a patient, patient stood and belt released all in less than five minutes. The one-size-fits-all accommodates a person up to 72 inches in circumference. The Vetter Belt is rugged with double-thick, triple-stitched, bar tack lifting handles that are built into the belt. Each leg strap has 14 double thick daisy chain loops that provide multiple options for maximum quick clip adjustments. The Vetter Belt has a tested breaking point of 5,760 pounds. Attachments and adjustments are made at the hips, discreetly away from the person’s groin, respecting the person’s privacy and modesty using Black Diamond notchless carabiners at adjustable attachment points. There is no pinching, cinching or slipping, just clipping. Carabiners provide quick, easy, clean connecting and disconnecting. They are better than plastic buckles that tend to break, or “D” rings that can be difficult to thread, especially when wearing latex gloves. The Vetter Belt is designed to assist people getting back on their feet while reducing the number of back injuries to firefighters, emergency services personnel and other healthcare workers. For more information, visit

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MegaMover® Transport Chair

Product From Graham Professional Medical Products

Graham Medical features the new MegaMover® Transport Chair – a strong, disposable alterative for transferring patients down stairs and through narrow hallways – or extracting them from confined spaces, like bathrooms. The MegaMover® Transport Chair is made of a fluid-resistant material designed to carry up to 350lbs.

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Evacuation Chair JSA-800

Product From Junkin Safety Appliance Co., Inc.

Designed for use in confined areas. Ideal for use in restaurants, high-rise office buildings, airplanes, boats, narrow hallways and stairwells. Two-inch standard automotive-style patient restraint straps included with each chair. Green vinyl covers are made of 18 oz. material and are fungus and rot resistant for long-lasting durability and easy cleanup. Visit

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MegaMover 1500

Product From Graham Professional Medical Products

The MegaMover 1500 is a compact, cost effective, portable transport unit used to transport, transfer or rescue patients from areas inaccessible to stretchers. The nonwoven, latex-free construction hold up to 1,500 pounds and has 14 handles for ergonomic lifting.

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Confined Space Entry Kit

Product From CMC Rescue, Inc.

When you need to set up for a vertical entry into a confined space, this kit covers all the bases. The kit includes the primary access line, a belay/retrieval system, and the gear for the entrant using our Access Pulley for a 4:1 lowering and raising system and the Sked Tripod for the overhead anchor point.

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Nomad Prime Area-Spot Light

Product From FoxFury Lighting Solutions

4000 lumen portable rechargeable combination LED area light and spotlight.


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Product From TyTek Medical, Inc.

TyTek Medical’s XTricate is our tech rescue extrication and immobilization sleeve. XTricate is ideal in confined space rescue and tech rescue scenarios. It is versatile in tech rescue situations, allowing both vertical and horizontal lifting and support. It will immobilize patients with neck or spinal injuries, as well as extricate patients in confined space rescue scenarios. Extremely durable, XTricate has been independently lab tested to carry over 1,000 lbs. One vertical lifting point and 4 horizontal lifting points for helicopter hoist capability. Five chest and leg straps and one fail safe strap are secured with Mil Spec buckles.

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CON-SPACE Radio Gear

Product From Savox Communications

CON-SPACE Radio Gear is designed to be used in all Hazardous applications where heavy PPE is being used.

  • Mass Decontamination
  • CBRNE Incidents
  • HazMat
  • Technical Rescue
  • High Noise Environments
  • Tactical Response
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