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SmartMan Baby


SmartMan Infant provides real time feedback to improve CPR skills on an infant. It features the award winning easy to understand SmartMan feedback system.

SmartMan Infant comes in two version: SmartMan Baby which is recommended for 1 month to 12 month old babies, and SmartMan Neonate which is recommended for a new born to 1 month old. Both feature the following:

  • Real-time Feedback to Improve CPR Skills
  • Special Focus Activities for Ventilations on Infants
  • Adjustable Lung Capacity for Different Size Infants
  • Follow AHA Recommendations for CPR on a Baby and on a Neonate

Because ventilations are so important with infants, SmartMan has created the Ventilations SIM for babies. This is designed to improve the performance of ventilations on an infant. It features accurate positioning of the head, accurate measurement of small volumes of air, visual display of the air as it is going into the lungs, feedback on rate and volume so you can adjust your performance, correct release of the BVM, and a realistic small chest rise.

As babies vary greatly in size, SmartMan has introduced a one click adjustable lung capacity. There are five different settings to give practice in ventilating very different size babies.