Celox RAPID Hemostatic Bandage

Celox RAPID Hemostatic Bandage

Celox RAPID Hemostatic Bandage Product Image

Celox RAPID is an innovative hemostat dressing targeted primarily at the military, tactical, law enforcement and emergency medical services markets.

Celox RAPID can be used to control severe bleeding faster than other hemostat dressings. With faster packing and faster compression, up to three minutes can be saved on caring for a casualty. Saving time increases the chances of survival for the casualty and for the whole team in a hostile or emergency situation.

Celox RAPID Gauze offers a Z-fold presentation hemostat bandage, using the same instinctive steps as Celox Gauze: just pack the wound and apply pressure. The difference is that Celox RAPID is designed to speed up both of these steps, saving critical time for you and for the casualty.

Celox RAPID uses Chito-RTM with activated chitosan to control bleeding. Chito-R sticks to wet tissue, providing pressure locally at the bleeding site, which augments the pressure applied by the responder. It is this wet stick that gives Celox RAPID the excellent results with reduced compression time, allowing Celox RAPID to reduce blood loss and save lives. The Chito-R in Celox RAPID is presented on a high volume, rapid packing gauze strip to maximise packing speed. Laboratory testing has shown that Celox RAPID Gauze could be rapidly packed on the wound on average within half the time of the predicate devices and demonstrated rapid wound adhesion the wound within one minute. It also filled a higher volume when wet and under compression than the predicate devices.

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QRAE 3 Full-Featured, 4-Gas Wireless Monitor

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The HMD Sked is extremely versatile. It can be dragged over virtually any terrain including stairways. It requires less effort from rescuers wearing level A protection.

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WoundStop Bandages

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Hollis EnviroPro BC

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H&H Thin H Compression Bandage

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The H&H Thin H Compression Bandage provides the same emergency trauma capabilities as our standard H-Bandage but in a smaller, more versatile package. Manufactured with a 4″ x 7.5″ ABD pad, the product is vacuum sealed and flat-folded to be small enough to fit in a standard size pocket. With our proprietary elastic strap and using our unique, H-shaped cleat, the Thin H provides the same compressive force as our larger H Bandage while fitting easily into small kits or packs.

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QuikClot EMS Products

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Visit Z-Medica at Booth 522 during EMS World Expo 2013, Sept. 8–12 in Las Vegas, NV. Register today at EMSWorldExpo.com.

The QuikClot EMS 4x4 Dressing, QuikClot EMS TraumaPad and QuikClot EMS Rolled Gauze, from Z-Medica, are all custom-designed to help responders stop bleeding fast and keep patients alive until they can be transported to a hospital or trauma center. These QuikClot products are infused with kaolin, which initiates the body’s natural coagulation cascade, rapidly accelerating clotting without an exothermic reaction.

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Radlamp 300

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SAM Chest Seal

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The SAM Chest Seal is a self-adherent occlusive dressing designed for treating open chest wounds. It is available with or without a one-way valve. The hydrogel adhesive is strong enough to adhere to skin in the presence of blood, hair, sweat, sand or water. It also has the ability to reseal, making it ideal for venting. 

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iTClamp™ Hemorrhage Control System

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The iTClamp™ Hemorrhage Control System, iTraumaCare’s™ first product, is a temporary wound closure device to control severe bleeding within seconds of application to a traumatic injury. The iTClamp seals the edges of a wound closed to create a temporary pool of blood under pressure, which forms a stable clot that mitigates further blood loss until the wound can be surgically repaired.

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