Tuff-Writer Operator Series tactical pen

Tuff-Writer Operator Series tactical pen

Tuff-Writer Upgrades Operator Pen Series Product Image

Operator Series tactical pen has new features their customers requested in the ultimate must-have tool such as allowing the cap to post on the back while writing, an o-ring to help prevent the cap from accidentally loosening and seal out moisture as well as a newly profiled cold-pressed spring steel clip. The new Operator is designed, machined and assembled in the U.S.A. to be the toughest pen on the market, period. These bad boys are made to withstand environmental extremes of heat and cold and function without fail. The new Operator is now even stronger with an increased wall thickness to handle additional punishment. The Operator will withstand nearly 750 PSI without breaking a sweat. A MIL-A-8625 "F" anodizing over a non-marking finish provides a "rock-hard" surface finish to handle the elements and anything else the world throws at it.

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Diversion Carry Racquet Bag

Product From BLACKHAWK!

Take concealment to a whole new level with the Diversion Carry Racquet Bag. Featuring padded walls with an inner shell, this clever bag mimics an ordinary tennis racquet case but allows you to keep up to two firearms protected and out of sight. Visit

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Product From m2, Inc.






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Hollis EnviroPro BC

Product From Scuba Center

The Enviro-Pro is the first BCD designed and developed specifically for public safety divers and contaminated water situations. The jacket can be customized to meet your team's mission criteria with a unique a molle strap system that allows you to customize the position of included pockets (weight or utility) to your preference. Tested in jet fuel, gasoline, diesel and MEK without delamination or fabric separation. This product is approved for use by NOAA divers.

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H&H Combat Eye Shield

Product From H & H Medical Corporation

The H&H Combat Eye Shield simplifies treatment of eye injuries by providing a complete eye protection bandage in a compact, sterile package. The H&H Combat Eye Shield provides a fox eye shield and surrounds it with our aggressive hydrogel disc. This allows for a one-step application of a ridged eye shield with no need for tape or gauze.

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Combat Ready Clamp

Product From Combat Medical Systems (CMS)

Hemorrhage is the leading cause of preventable death on the battlefield. Approximately 25% of potentially survivable military deaths are due to uncontrolled junctional hemorrhage—the majority of which occur in the pelvic region. When pelvic amputations occur in a tactical environment, traditional methods of hemorrhage control are not effective and standard tourniquets cannot be used.

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iTClamp™ Hemorrhage Control System

Product From iTraumaCare (ITC)

The iTClamp™ Hemorrhage Control System, iTraumaCare’s™ first product, is a temporary wound closure device to control severe bleeding within seconds of application to a traumatic injury. The iTClamp seals the edges of a wound closed to create a temporary pool of blood under pressure, which forms a stable clot that mitigates further blood loss until the wound can be surgically repaired.

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The ST53™

Product From Avon Protection Systems

The ST53™ combines Avon Protection's FM53™ mask technology with an advanced modular breathing apparatus to provide positive pressure SCBA and/or PAPR capability for specialist operations.

Developed with the unknown elements of a threat scenario in mind, the ST53™ utilizes black anodized lightweight components, making it the most advanced CBRN stealth system on the market. It enables a fast response to changing operational conditions in one complete modular system.

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Product From EMSled Tactical Inc.

The Chameleon’s compactness when stored, its ability to be carried in a backpack, towed behind a bicycle, and used by a single rescuer in all weather conditions and environments, allow it to be the most versatile piece of rescue equipment of its type ever placed into service by rescue teams. Serving as a rapid patient extraction device, the Chameleon is an integral piece of equipment in any rescue team’s inventory.

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Ratcheting Buckle (Gen 3)

Product From m2, Inc.

Racheting Medical Tourniquets (RMTs) are "tactical tools" for hemorrhage control. The m2 Ratcheting Buckle (Gen 3) uses precise mechanical pressure. It is fast, effective and self-locking. Instructions are printed on every RMT. Each model is designed for specific operators (EMS, law enforcement, SWAT, military).

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Tactical Medical Packs

Product From theEMSstore.com

These Emergency Medical Kits are designed to stop blood loss and buy valuable time for victims of trauma.

theEMSstore.com carries Tactical Medical Packs such as the Individual Battle Packs, Tac-Pack Standard, Tac-Pack Advanced, Tac-Pack Advanced with QuikClot Combat Gauze, and Tac-Pack Advanced-T With QuikClot Combat Gauze.

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