LIFE® OxygenPac with Replacement Cylinders

LIFEĀ® OxygenPac with Replacement Cylinders

Emergency Oxygen Replacement Cylinders from LIFE Corporation Product Image

Easy and most economical method of assuring a sufficient supply of emergency oxygen. Disposable/replaceable (or refillable) new lightweight aluminum LIFE® Cylinders are the easiest and most economical method of assuring a sufficient supply of emergency oxygen is available at all times.

For industrial and office workplace first-aid programs, LIFE®OxygenPac is easy-to-use to give crucial lifesaving oxygen until medical help arrives. Portable with handle in durable case with clear cover, the unit hangs on the wall with first aid supplies, always available in view. Ninety-minute supply delivers 6&12 LPM (“norm” & “high”) for the recommended100% inspired oxygen or variable 0-25 LPM for EMTs.

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FLOCAP Flow Indicator

Product From Maxtec

The FLOCAP from Maxtec™ is a single-use CO2 and flow indication device designed for visualization of a patient’s exhaled CO2 and expiratory flow. The CO2 indication will assist the caregiver in verifying proper ET tube placement. The flow indicator helps the caregiver identify end of exhalation, which may help prevent breath stacking and its associated health issues during resuscitation. Visit

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Rescuer Emergency CPAP System with Nebulizer Takeoff Port

Product From BLS Systems Limited

The new Rescuer Emergency CPAP System with nebulizer takeoff port allows the paramedic to drive both the CPAP generator and medication nebulizer off a single oxygen source. Using the nebulizer port saves time and effort for the paramedic who only has one oxygen outlet. I

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Oxygen Tank Systems

Product From Ziamatic Corp.

Ziamatic's line of Oxygen Tank Systems (OTS) lift and lower any "M" through "J" gas cylinders for quick and easy replacement, substantially reducing the risk of injury to personnel. Built with heavy-duty components and capable of lifting up to 205 lbs., the OTS even features a special backdriving actuator, preventing damage if the air suspension is lowered while the system is in use. Visit

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First Response Catalogue

Product From Essex Industries

Essex Industries announces a new First Response catalogue which highlights its range of life support equipment for firefighters, EMS personnel and other first responders.

This catalogue features Essex liquid oxygen distribution systems for both air and ground ambulance systems. LOX converters for

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Ambulance Cot "D" Cylinder Bracket, Model QR-D-AC

Product From Ziamatic Corp.

The Ambulance Cot "D" Cylinder Bracket, Model QR-D-AC, safely mounts to the head, foot or side rails of virtually any ambulance cot. To secure, simply slide the cylinder into the heavy-duty, impact-resistant ABS plastic tube. To release, disengage the latch and pull the cylinder free. Fast, simple, and self-locking, the QR-D-AC keeps oxygen within reach, is easy to clean and accommodates most regulators. Designed to meet AMD Standard 003. Visit

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LoPro Mask

Product From S&S Medical Products, LLC

S&S Medical Products has created a revolutionary life-saving piece of equipment called the LoProMask. This mask will help to eliminate common mistakes of current masks on the market which have not been changed in over forty years. The LoProMask is not intimidating and ergonomically designed to fit into palm of a hand. This enables a one-handed application. The LoProMask creates a seal to the victim’s face using an secure air seal design.

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Flow-SafeĀ® II EZ Disposable CPAP System

Product From Mercury Medical

The Flow-Safe® II EZ Disposable CPAP System from Mercury Medical is the only system that has so many advantages, it gives you an advantage in life-saving emergencies. Features an integrated nebulizer, a built-in manometer and pressure relief valve, advanced mask design, and consumes 50% less oxygen.

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Strapless Cylinder Brackets

Product From Ziamatic Corp.

Zico Strapless Cylinder Brackets are fast becoming THE bracket of choice for quick and simple “D” and “E” cylinder storage. They’re safer, easier to use, and hassle-free. Interested to see what everyone is raving about? You can! Call 800/711-FIRE today and request to try one out for 30 days of test & evaluation. You’ll be glad you did. Visit

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Product From O-Two Medical Technologies, Inc.

The smallest and most versatile handheld automatic ventilators (14 oz./0.45 kg), the CAREvent ALS from O-Two Medical Technologies is pneumatically powered and features time/volume and intermittent positive pressure ventilators. It supports infants to adults—from 10–20 BPM and 150–600 ml Tv. It also features a constant I:E ratio of 1:2 to prevent “stacking,” SIMV mode, manual override, and a 20 second delay after manual actuation to allow for 30 chest compressions during CPR. Includes an optional head harness system.

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QUIC-RELEASE Strapless Cylinder Bracket Model QR-D-2

Product From Ziamatic Corp.

With the Ziamatic (Zico) self-locking QUIC-RELEASE Strapless Cylinder Bracket Model QR-D-2 simply place a “D” cylinder in the bracket and press back through the latch to lock it into place—no straps required. The heavy-duty backspring holds the cylinder snugly against the latch and prevents rattling. To release the cylinder, slightly press it towards the backplate, squeeze the levers to disengage the latch. The QR-D-2 is designed to hold standard aluminum, jumbo aluminum and steel “D” gas cylinders with or without most regulators and is made with durable, easy to clean stainless steel. The bracket’s latch is plastisol-coated to protect your cylinders. The latch handles are plastisol-coated for easy gripping and operation.

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