HC Standard® Patient Tracking

HC Standard® Patient Tracking

HC Standard® Patient Tracking Product Image

HC Standard®’s Patient Tracking System (PTS) is a revolutionary breakthrough in emergency health care response and onsite efficiency. HC’s PTS utilizes Motorola handheld devices to gather comprehensive emergency site information and share it throughout the healthcare system.

  • Captures accident site video, audio and still images.
  • Assigns and scans patient
    tracking information.
  • Quickly gathers patient information – manually or through ID Scanning.
  • Shares patient vital signs with receiving health care systems
    in near real-time.
  • Creates an event record with time, date and GPS location stamps.
  • Automates Patient Tracking and helps simplify reunification efforts
    post incident

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L-5500 All-in-One Wireless Vehicle Router

Product From Logic Data Systems

Designed to meet the needs of public and private EMS providers, the L-5500 combines GPS, WiFi and cellular technologies into a single rugged enclosure for a reliable and always-on Internet connection. From ePCR to GPS & AVL, the L-5500 enables real-time data communications for today's demanding field applications.

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Straight Shooter 25

Product From VIEVU

Get the worlds leading police body worn video camera deployed by over 3,100 agencies in 16 countries, for only $25 a month with no hidden costs or fees.

Straight Shooter 25 includes:

  • FREE VERIPATROL, NO re-occurring costs
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Try the Top-Rated Fleet Video System to Win It!

Product From Digital Ally, Inc.

Experience the proven benefits to safety and fleet expenses by testing the Fleet Event Recorder from Digital Ally with up to eight uniquely triggered cameras, continuous and/or incident recording, GPS, robust reporting and management software, no monthly fees, wireless and live streaming options, and more. Request a demo today and be entered to win your evaluation unit at

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Verus HD Digital Video System

Product From Data911

Data911's Verus HD Digital Video System is a complete mobile video management solution specifically designed for public safety and law enforcement agencies. Verus brings you the very latest in-car video technology and is unique in that it utilizes open standards HD/IP cameras and can flexibly support a wide variety of configurations and special uses. Features include support for six POE/IP HD cameras; four independent audio channels, including dual 900Mhz wireless microphones; touch screen control interface software; body worn camera integration; LPR ready; and h.264 video encoding. Verus also supports wireless video file transfer, pre-event recording, system and event triggers, the ability to push software configuration changes and updates to the vehicle from the station, and much more.

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EMS Anyware

Product From VLI Tech, Inc.

EMS Anyware–Mobile Manager provides you with real-time information on your mobile device while you are in the field or the office to manage your system.

  • Integrates with your CAD/tracking systems
  • Configured to match your operation
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PH4 Multi-Channel Video Recorder

Product From Planet Halo

The PH4 is a unique recording device that incorporates two high-resolution camera lenses, a GPS module, audio recorder, G-force inertial sensor, audio speaker and mini-DVR with SD card, all housed in a sleek design measuring only 4”L x 2 ¼”H x 1”D. The device’s mounting bracket incorporates input jacks for the included external cameras, a remote video monitor, USB connectivity and the power connection.

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Product From Digital Ally, Inc.

VuLink allows you to use your vehicle lights and more to automatically start the FirstVu HD body-worn camera so that you’ll never have to remember to press record again. If you use a Digital Ally Vehicle Video Event Data Recorder, as well, VuLink can start both systems simultaneously and link the recordings into the same incident in the management and reporting software. VuLink provides true distraction-free protection against false accusations anywhere the job takes you. Visit 

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Ambulance Commander Dashboard

Product From Digitech Computer, Inc.

Ambulance Commander Dashboard brings EMS operational and financial data into an easy-to-use, intuitive interface that enables managers, administrators, and business analysts to get a real time picture of any aspect of their operations. These real time snapshots, along with time series data summaries, enable EMS providers to see the big picture—resulting in more efficient performance and improvement in patient care. Visit

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EMS Integrated Healthcare Suite

Product From Infor

Infor Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Integrated Healthcare Suite provides a platform to manage patient information and exchange data with hospitals, and allows EMS agencies to access a unified view of their operations. Visit

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PCR Lens

Product From Digitech Computer, Inc.

Digitech’s PCR Lens aggregates prehospital data from each run as it comes across through PCR applications, displaying it in an interactive user interface. Digitech's Ambulance Commander then displays the data in user-defined views, making it easy for EMS leaders to pinpoint problems, push training and re-education to where it's needed, and identify high performance individuals and crews. Visit

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