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Ping4alerts! is the first solution of its kind to enable local or national law enforcement and public safety agencies with the ability to alert citizens to a specific emergency or situation happening at the very moment and location those citizens happen to be—wherever they happen to be.

The ping4alerts! secure Web interface allows you to quickly create and “broadcast” alerts to any location within your defined jurisdiction—from a 10’x10’ elevator shaft to a strip of highway to a continent or the entire globe. It’s literally as easy as drawing a box on a map!

Any ping4alerts! user within or entering that defined location will be notified via an attention-getting audio alert or customized voice message and “pop-up” text with links to further instructions, directions, photographs, video, whatever you need to inform and protect your citizens.

  • Warn of weather, natural or other impending disasters.
  • Provide accident or road-repair information to avoid traffic snarls.
  • Protect and inform citizens during terrorist attacks or live shootings.
  • Use as emergency communications during catastrophic failure of other communications infrastructure.
  • Enlist citizens for help in finding missing persons, suspects or parties of interest.

Ping4alerts! provides an additional tool in law enforcement’s critical mix of notification platforms. It is not intended as a replacement for your existing systems, rather a must-have addition for reaching our increasingly mobile and transient populations. In fact, we purposely built the ping4alerts! solution at a price point that will surprise you, and make it an easy decision for any size organization.