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Developed with the National Association of EMS Educators, PEPID EMS Plus NAEMSE contains everything you need to make decisions at the emergent scene or en route. PEPID EMS Plus NAEMSE provides paramedics and EMTs with critical information at the point of care. With a complete medical reference, drug database with a toxicology section, emergency protocols and evidence-based information, PEPID EMS Plus NAEMSE is the only electronic quick reference for emergency medical professionals, designed for use while en route.

PEPID EMS Plus NAEMSE is available on iPad, iPhone, Blackberry, Android, PalmPre, Windows Mobile and Online; making everything EMTs and Paramedics need available to support efficient, high-quality care without leaving the patient's side.

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OBEX Waterproof Case & Holster Combo

Product From Seidio, Inc.

The OBEX is the world's first waterproof case for the Samsung Note 3, and still the only waterproof case marketed that allows S pen stylus access while encased. MIL-STD 810F and IP 68 certified. Visit

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Verus HD Digital Video System

Product From Data911

The Verus HD digital video system utilizes open standards (non-proprietary) HD/IP cameras and can handle 720p and 1080p. Verus has the ability to record six channels simultaneously in HD quality. Simplified installation uses a single standard Ethernet cable per camera. Visit

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HydraSim Trauma Bleeding Simulation System

Product From Skedco, Inc.

Skedco Inc., the manufacturer of the battle tested Sked stretcher, spent the last seven years developing a rugged, realistic and affordable solution to the chaos caused by external hemorrhage. This patented solution is known as the HydraSim Trauma Bleeding Simulation System®. Simply put, the HydraSim® eliminates the fear, hesitation and anxiety which often accompany the treatment of traumatic bleeding wounds. Originally designed to train battlefield medics and first responders, the HydraSim® provides 3 liters of blood pumping intensity all while appearing to be a common backpack hydration system. Its wireless operation provides a blood pumping special effect for up to three bleeding wounds, each with independent control. Users have the opportunity to practice treatments ranging from junctional or non-junctional tourniquet application to wound packing and dressing application. The HydraSim® is compatible with a wide variety of wearable simulated bleeding injuries or users can build their own bleeding injures without using makeup or adhesives. The HydraSim’s® unique capability allows for the use of virtually any simulation blood available. The HydraSim® also attaches to most training manikins bringing higher fidelity to the simplest training equipment. Eliminate hesitation, fear and anxiety with the HydraSim Trauma Bleeding Simulation System®. Visit

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RESPONDER MP2 Mobile Printer

Product From TransAct Technologies

The RESPONDER MP2 delivers full-page print widths from a device that fully integrates the printer and paper source. It leverages M2M (Machine to Machine) technology to print information sent from a Web-connected device (such as a laptop or tablet) via Wi-Fi of Bluetooth and also supports a direct connection to the printer. With a compact, low-profile, all-in-one configuration, it dramatically simplifies use of the printer in the field, removing hassle of paper feeding and allowing users to continuously print once a paper roll is loaded. It can be mounted vertically, horizontally and upside-down. It can even be used without a fixed installation. Visit

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SIM-Safe EMS/Nursing Product Line

Product From Moulage Concepts

Designed for the prehospital/simulation suite training scenario, the SIM-Safe series features realistic, non-staining, non-food-based make-up, secretions, bodily fluids and three dimensional wounds that can be used for creating authentic training scenarios on both simulators and standardized patients. With focus to detail, all SIM-Safe products visually and tactilely replicate natural bodily processes to ensure your moulage meets your training needs.

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Horton Connect

Product From Horton Emergency Vehicles Co.

Horton Connect is a package built to leverage the advanced system capabilities of Intelliplex i4G, providing complete ambulance connectivity. Utilizing the first-ever, emergency vehicle-specific app, Horton Connect represents the future of ambulance operations and proactive preventative maintenance.

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Prestan Professional Ultralite Manikin

Product From Prestan Products

The Prestan Professional Ultralite Manikin is a quality BLS training manikin requiring realistic compression force and correct hand placement. It also uses a lung bag to check ventilation. The innovation is in its portable design and weight. Four complete manikins stack into a compact bag weighing just 13 pounds. It would be easy for one person to transport 16 manikins at once! Visit

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iSimulate ALSi

Product From iSimulate

The ALSi patient Simulation Platform is a hyper-flexible simulator that enables advanced patient simulations to be run quickly and easily. With ALSi you can train anywhere and at any time, gaining a "hi-fi" experience without the cost and complexity of traditional simulators. Students view a realistic patient monitor while the instructor uses a handheld control pad to guide everything from parameters to time. Visit

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EMSconnect Online Education

Product From EMSconnect

This is an ongoing educational resource unlike any other, with a goal like any other. EMSconnect hosts LIVE monthly emergency physician-led online sessions on various EMS topics. Our goal is to provide affordable and accessible high-quality EMS education to rural providers who would otherwise not have access to emergency physicians and specialists in a LIVE "never leave your couch" format. Visit

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eBooks Store

Product From American Heart Association

The American Heart Association (AHA) eBooks Store is your home for electronic versions of CPR & First Aid and Emergency Cardiovascular Care titles. AHA eBooks can be searched, browsed and read online—or downloaded for use offline. Visit

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