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Tamper Tab® seals and tags are new security products designed to let you apply disposable tamper-evident protection to drug boxes, cabinets and kits. Every product using a Tamper Tab seal or tag assures users that nobody has previously accessed a product when it is time to open and use. Tamper Tab is a powerful deterrent to theft, because with Tamper Tab, no one can secretly look at, snoop through or get into anything you want to protect without your absolute knowledge. It eliminates the unknown, provides you with peace of mind and allows you to “keep tabs on your stuff” ... almost like being there in person!

How Tamper Tab works: Using a ballpoint pen, sign the patented Signature Seal panel on the Tamper Tab seal or tag making it a personalized, one-of-a-kind seal (preventing replacement by anyone else). If someone tries to peel up the Tamper Tab seal so they can get at the medications, an irreversible tamper pattern immediately appears right on the Tamper Tab telling you someone messed with your stuff. The Tamper Tab tag loop threads through a clasp, zipper eyelets, hasp lock hardware or other closure. Once secured you’ll know if someone tries to access your item because breaking the Signature Seal and releasing the loop is the only way anyone can mess with your drug cabinets and kits.

Call 614/853-1504 or visit www.eminnovations.com/tampertabseal to learn more about the new Tamper Tab products and how they can help your medication storage protocol and help prevent tampering and diversion.