Large Transfer Sheet

Large Transfer Sheet

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The large transfer sheet allows for multi-purpose transfer, in that it can remain safely beneath the sheets on a bed, to aid and assist with patient care during repositioning, bathing or a simple assist from laying down position to upright position.

An Occupational Science and Occupational Therapy/University of Southern California article on pressure ulcer prevention explains that, without patient repositioning and movement, blood is forced out of the area of pressure when a patient is not moved, causing a condition known as ischemia—tissue damage due to oxygen loss. Ischemia is the start of a pressure ulcer. Spinal cord injury patients are at high-risk and are taught early the importance of pressure relief, by changing position, and removing pressure on a regular basis. In most instances these patients do not “feel” pressure, so they have to be diligent about pressure relief and repositioning, which brings us back to the musculoskeletal trauma caused by repetitious movements in the healthcare industry, due to manual lifting or movement. A recommended interval of time for pressure relief or repositioning is 15 to 30 minutes. Another cause of pressure ulcers is the type of damage to your skin caused by “shearing”. Shearing is combination of pressure and friction. Shearing is caused when two surfaces have opposing forces, such as when a person slides over a surface, like a bed or chair, and loose skin folds over itself. These low friction transfer sheets help reduce and eliminate the opportunity for shearing to occur. The design and fabric also address the problem of transfer friction injury reduction.

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Binder Lift ULTRA

Product From Binder Lift LLC

New for 2014 is the Binder Lift ULTRA—all-vinyl and easy to clean. The Binder Lift is the safer way to lift because humans don’t come with handles! Binder Lift devices are the only ones of their kind that provide patient stability/security as well as giving you an ergonomically safer way of lifting through the choice of up to 25 lifting handles. Visit

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iN/X Integrated Patient Transport & Loading System

Product From Ferno

It’s time for you and your crews to stop putting yourself at risk for injuries that come from lifting patients. Ferno’s iN∫X is the first integrated patient transport and loading solution that allows you to load, unload, raise and lower patients with your thumb, not your back. Visit

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Shredder Rescue Cutter Tool

Product From POWER HAWK Technologies, Inc.

The new C-1604 Shredder rescue tool cutter for motor vehicle accident emergency rescues slices through the high-strength construction materials that are used in today’s new cars and trucks. The Shredder cutter is a “plug and play” add-on to the POWER HAWK® P-16 Rescue System, a patented battery-powered and gear-driven (non-hydraulic) rescue tool that provides unique interchangeable spreader and cutter attachments.

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Swiftlite Q-110 Stair Chair

Product From Quantum EMS

The QUANTUM Swiftlite Q-110 is a modified Q-100 single-person operation stair chair incorporating two carry-handles that allows for two person operation, including upwards transport.

  • Lightweight, quick & easy to use
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Quantum ACR (Ambulance Child Restraint)

Product From Quantum EMS

The Quantum ACR (Ambulance Child Restraint) is an innovative, flexible and fully adjustable harnessing system for the safe and effective transport of infants and children in an ambulance, and is color coded for easy selection in three sizes from 11 to 99 pounds. The ACR can be used on any model cot and the patient can be lying down or sitting in the upright position. Visit

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Med Sled® Evacuation Kits

Product From ARC Products, LLC/Med Sled

Med Sled® Evacuation Kits are designed to provide basic, yet essential, tools for specific roles identified during emergencies, including Unit Captain, Staff, Stairwell and Patient, ensuring safe and timely evacuations. In addition, the kits are customizable, offering the right tools at the right time. Med Sled® Evacuation Kits come in rolling duffle bags, hands-free fanny packs and drawstring bags that are easily deployed and maintained. They are fully customizable to meet the needs of specific facilities, and are an affordable option by providing each key role with exactly what they need during emergency evacuations or disasters.

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Plastic Backboard

Product From Junkin Safety Appliance Co., Inc.

Rugged one piece lightweight polyethylene spineboard with 12 large hand holes for easy handling, built in runners, low profile and X-ray translucent. Comes with four straps. Color: bright yellow; dimensions: 72" L x 16" W; weight: 15 lbs.; load capacity: 400 lbs. Visit

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EMS Econo-Vac Splints™

Product From Ecolab/Microtek Medical

You’ve just found the one performance splint you can afford to lose. Econo-Vac Splints™ are low cost, disposable and eliminate the concern of expensive products being lost or left at the hospital. Visit

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Stifneck Select Extrication Collar

Product From Moore Medical Corp.

Stabilize patients correctly and easily with four different sizing options that all lock quickly and safely into place. Adjustment tracks ensure symmetrical alignment of size. Same sizing and application method as the original Stifneck collars. Easy access for pulse check, advanced airway procedures and visualization through oversized trachea hole. Reduces inventory costs and saves space. Radiolucent, MRI and CT scan compatible. Visit

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HazMat Sked Rescue Stretcher

Product From Skedco, Inc.

This litter is designed for use in mass casualty incidents where terrorists using Weapons of Mass destruction or any other Haz-Mat incident requiring level A protection occur.

The HMD Sked is extremely versatile. It can be dragged over virtually any terrain including stairways. It requires less effort from rescuers wearing level A protection.

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