NatureTech Solutions Introduces Chemical-Free Sanitization

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NatureTech Solutions Introduces Chemical-Free Sanitization


October 24, 2012

LANCASTER, PA—Emergency medical technicians and other EMS practitioners now have a better way to sanitize their vehicles, equipment and selves: the GEN-X-3™ hypochlorous acid mini-generator and applicator by NatureTech Solutions.

NatureTech Solutions will showcase the innovative GEN-X-3™ unit at Booth 2137 at the 2012 EMS World Expo from October 29–November 2, 2012, in New Orleans, LA. EMS World Expo is presented in partnership with NAEMT, the nation’s only professional association representing all EMS practitioners, including paramedics, emergency medical technicians, first responders and other professionals working in prehospital emergency medicine.

“Emergency medical professionals and other first responders provide a critical service under stressful and adverse conditions,” said Roman Fyk, president of NatureTech Solutions. “We are extremely excited to introduce them to a powerful new tool designed to protect them and their patients from the daily threat of harmful viruses, germs and bacteria.

The GEN-X-3™ system consists of a compact docking station and hand-held applicator that together create a powerful, chemical-free sanitizing/disinfecting solution that is 80–200 times more powerful than chlorine, yet safe enough to drink.

Each GEN-X-3™ system is, in effect, a miniature “green” manufacturing plant that transforms ordinary tap water infused with natural, organic additives, into a powerful, non-toxic, chemical-free sanitizing and disinfecting solution. Using the convenient, hand-held GEN-X-3™ spray applicator, EMS personnel can kill such dangerous microbes as E-coli, Salmonella, Listeria and Noro Virus from their vehicles, instruments, equipment, their bodies and uniforms within minutes.

The powerful solution produced by the GEN-X-3™ system is dual-action, performing both as an effective sanitizer and as a thorough disinfectant. As a sanitizer, the GEN-X-3™ solution reduces germs from surfaces to an acceptable, safe level. As a disinfectant, the GEN-X-3™ solution destroys or inactivates germs, viruses, spores and fungi, and prevents them from growing.

The GEN-X-3™ sanitizing/disinfecting solution kills the following microbes in one minute or less.



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Noro Virus


H1N1 / Flu




Staph / VRE




In addition to potentially saving lives, said Fyk, the GEN-X-3™ also reduces operational costs for budget-conscious EMS providers, as it generates a powerful solution for only pennies per ounce. The GEN-X-3™ also eliminates need to purchase and store potentially dangerous, chemical-based sanitizers and disinfectants.

For more information on the GEN-X-3™ system, contact NatureTech Solutions, Inc. at 717/394-2275, email us at, or visit us at Booth 2137 at the 2012 EMS World Expo.

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