GateKeeper III System

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GateKeeper III System


In an all-hazard response situation the GateKeeper III (GK-III) can assist first responders as a shelter solution in emergency healthcare, law enforcement, disaster medicine, urban search & rescue, disaster mortuary, disaster veterinary, and more. The GK-III meets the needs as a facility to offer initial control/entry and protection of a hospital, initial triage, patient registration, administration, outpatient support, record keeping, command center, staff quarters, common area, sleeping, etc.

  • 4 x GK-1935, 1 x GK-20, and 5 x Vestibule Connector Kits
  • 5 Electrical Distribution Kits
  • 2,798 Square feet of usable floor space

Each GateKeeper shelter is packaged with its own vestibule connector kit, maximizing its interoperability with other agencies in the field that utilize the Western Shelter and GateKeeper brand. The shelter is ready to connect to additional HO/GK-20 and HS/GK-1935 facilities allowing infinite scalability and configurations.