"X" Series

"X" Series

Exterior Standard Features

  • Crash Tested Aluminum Body Structure
  • Seamless Door Jambs and Doors
  • Fully Replaceable, TPV-Dual Durometer, Door Gasket System *(AEV Proprietary)
  • 96” Wide Body, Type III units with a standard 172" length, and Type I unit length will vary by chassis type
  • All Doors taller than 24” have 2-point Latching System
  • Euro Style, Illuminated, Exterior Door Handles *(AEV Proprietary)
  • NFPA Knurled Diamond Plate Stepping Surfaces
  • Dri-Dek Compartment Flooring (Many Colors available)
  • “Auto-shade” Electric Modular Body Windows *(AEV Proprietary)
  • Power Locks onModule Doors with Keyless Push Button Entry Pad
  • Exterior Door Handle Actuation with Sleeved Automotive Cables
  • Streetside Upper Compartment for Electrical Components
  • Cab Running Boards
  • Self Sealing, Single Direction Flow, External Compartment Venting
  • Door Open LEDWarning Light Package for On Scene Safety
  • LED Compartment Lighting
  • LED Cab Step Lights
  • Rear Bumper, Flip up Recessed with Recessed Tag Holder and Illuminated Rear Step
  • Lighted Flashing LED Skirt Rails for Additional Warning and Ground Lighting

Interior Standard Features

  • Aluminum Composite Cabinetry
  • Powder Coated Antimicrobial Cabinet Interiors
  • Restocking Cabinets with Sliding LexanWindows and Aluminum Frames
  • All Cabinet Doors have Chrome, Round Finger-pull Latches
  • “Lift Assist" Hinge available for Squad Bench and CPR Seat Lids *(AEV Proprietary)
  • Solid Surface Countertop Surfaces (2) Standard
  • No Wood incorporated in Cabinet Interior Trim or Construction
  • Dual Recessed Grab Rails in ceiling
  • Aluminum Composite Patient Area Ceiling Panels
  • Sound Deadening Composites in addition to Thermal Insulation package
  • Composite Subfloor Construction
  • Subfloor fully insulated with XPS Extruded Polystyrene for Sound Deadening and Enhanced Temperature Control. Does not increase loading height
  • Custom LX1Multiplexed Electrical System *(AEV Proprietary Switch Panels)
  • “Day Bright “ Illuminated Cabinet Interiors (5) Standard *(AEV Proprietary)
  • “Light Rail“ Ceiling Mounted LED Interior Lighting System, with Dual Color Light Spectrum *(AEV Proprietary)
  • Electrical Access, hinged withinM2 compartment
  • “HEPA-Max”, HVAC System mounted over theWalkthrough Area, with Ceiling Ducting, includes Replaceable HEPA and Pre-filters *(AEV Proprietary)
  • Premium Upholstery Upgrade for all Applicable Seating Locations
  • (1) EVS 1900 3-Point Primary Attendant Seat
  • Crash Stable Mount for Portable O2 Cylinders

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Verus HD Digital Video System

Product From Data911

The Verus HD digital video system utilizes open standards (non-proprietary) HD/IP cameras and can handle 720p and 1080p. Verus has the ability to record six channels simultaneously in HD quality. Simplified installation uses a single standard Ethernet cable per camera. Visit

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RESPONDER MP2 Mobile Printer

Product From TransAct Technologies

The RESPONDER MP2 delivers full-page print widths from a device that fully integrates the printer and paper source. It leverages M2M (Machine to Machine) technology to print information sent from a Web-connected device (such as a laptop or tablet) via Wi-Fi of Bluetooth and also supports a direct connection to the printer. With a compact, low-profile, all-in-one configuration, it dramatically simplifies use of the printer in the field, removing hassle of paper feeding and allowing users to continuously print once a paper roll is loaded. It can be mounted vertically, horizontally and upside-down. It can even be used without a fixed installation. Visit

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Horton Connect

Product From Horton Emergency Vehicles Co.

Horton Connect is a package built to leverage the advanced system capabilities of Intelliplex i4G, providing complete ambulance connectivity. Utilizing the first-ever, emergency vehicle-specific app, Horton Connect represents the future of ambulance operations and proactive preventative maintenance.

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Product From American Emergency Vehicles

This new aerodynamic light housing for the Sprinter and Ford Transit type II product is shaped to allow for less wind resistance and in return improved fuel economy. The full clear lens allows for high visibility forward and from side direction. The AERO Dome is capable of many configurations to fit the requirements in all areas. With the ability to have up to (15) different LED lights in multiple colors, configurations and sizes, this is arguably the most visible single light housing in the industry. Visit

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AmbuBus MPMT Type 1 Kit

Product From First Line Technology

The AmbuBus® MPMT Type 1 Conversion Kit allows any community or agency access to a resource that can convert a vehicle of opportunity into a 12 person stretcher transport vehicle capable of evacuation and BLS service. The kit can also be fully decontaminated and stored after an event, minimizing maintenance and sustainment costs. Visit

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QUIC-RELEASE Horizontal Cylinder Lift

Product From Ziamatic Corp.

The QR-CL-H lifts and lowers “M” through “J” gas cylinders so that personnel don’t have to—reducing the chance of strain or back injury during cylinder exchange. Once secured, the cylinder can be rotated 90-degrees to facilitate loading under bench seats and other horizontally-aligned compartments. Visit

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L-5500 All-in-One Wireless Vehicle Router

Product From Logic Data Systems

Designed to meet the needs of public and private EMS providers, the L-5500 combines GPS, WiFi and cellular technologies into a single rugged enclosure for a reliable and always-on Internet connection. From ePCR to GPS & AVL, the L-5500 enables real-time data communications for today's demanding field applications.

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SumoSprings "Airless Airbags"

Product From SuperSprings International, Inc.

SuperSprings International’s new SumoSprings “airless airbags” for the Ford E-Series Cutaway were developed to provide suspension enhancements for the unique needs of Type III ambulances. SumoSprings prevent harsh bottoming-out and reduce side-to-side body roll to greatly improve ride quality and patient comfort.

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Banshee Amplifier System

Product From Code 3, Inc.

The Banshee™ amplifier system offers a selection of tones, features and options that have never been available in one siren amp system before: three low frequency tones, multiple dual tones and the truest sounding electronic air horn on the market. All of this plus additional built-in tones created for specific emergency and warning situations! Best of all, the Banshee can work with virtually any siren system already on the market and can be retrofitted to any emergency vehicle already on the road. Visit

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E-Z O2 Lift

Product From Braun Ambulances

The E-Z 02 Lift from Braun Ambulances is a compact oxygen cylinder lift and storage compartment. It utilizes a nitrogen-filled gas spring to raise and lower the oxygen bottle into a stowed position, without electrical components. It also protects your module by reducing damage to the ambulance compartment and it frees up space by storing the bottle in the compartment door to maximize the storage area for lifesaving equipment. Visit

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