"X" Series

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"X" Series


Exterior Standard Features

  • Crash Tested Aluminum Body Structure
  • Seamless Door Jambs and Doors
  • Fully Replaceable, TPV-Dual Durometer, Door Gasket System *(AEV Proprietary)
  • 96” Wide Body, Type III units with a standard 172" length, and Type I unit length will vary by chassis type
  • All Doors taller than 24” have 2-point Latching System
  • Euro Style, Illuminated, Exterior Door Handles *(AEV Proprietary)
  • NFPA Knurled Diamond Plate Stepping Surfaces
  • Dri-Dek Compartment Flooring (Many Colors available)
  • “Auto-shade” Electric Modular Body Windows *(AEV Proprietary)
  • Power Locks onModule Doors with Keyless Push Button Entry Pad
  • Exterior Door Handle Actuation with Sleeved Automotive Cables
  • Streetside Upper Compartment for Electrical Components
  • Cab Running Boards
  • Self Sealing, Single Direction Flow, External Compartment Venting
  • Door Open LEDWarning Light Package for On Scene Safety
  • LED Compartment Lighting
  • LED Cab Step Lights
  • Rear Bumper, Flip up Recessed with Recessed Tag Holder and Illuminated Rear Step
  • Lighted Flashing LED Skirt Rails for Additional Warning and Ground Lighting

Interior Standard Features

  • Aluminum Composite Cabinetry
  • Powder Coated Antimicrobial Cabinet Interiors
  • Restocking Cabinets with Sliding LexanWindows and Aluminum Frames
  • All Cabinet Doors have Chrome, Round Finger-pull Latches
  • “Lift Assist" Hinge available for Squad Bench and CPR Seat Lids *(AEV Proprietary)
  • Solid Surface Countertop Surfaces (2) Standard
  • No Wood incorporated in Cabinet Interior Trim or Construction
  • Dual Recessed Grab Rails in ceiling
  • Aluminum Composite Patient Area Ceiling Panels
  • Sound Deadening Composites in addition to Thermal Insulation package
  • Composite Subfloor Construction
  • Subfloor fully insulated with XPS Extruded Polystyrene for Sound Deadening and Enhanced Temperature Control. Does not increase loading height
  • Custom LX1Multiplexed Electrical System *(AEV Proprietary Switch Panels)
  • “Day Bright “ Illuminated Cabinet Interiors (5) Standard *(AEV Proprietary)
  • “Light Rail“ Ceiling Mounted LED Interior Lighting System, with Dual Color Light Spectrum *(AEV Proprietary)
  • Electrical Access, hinged withinM2 compartment
  • “HEPA-Max”, HVAC System mounted over theWalkthrough Area, with Ceiling Ducting, includes Replaceable HEPA and Pre-filters *(AEV Proprietary)
  • Premium Upholstery Upgrade for all Applicable Seating Locations
  • (1) EVS 1900 3-Point Primary Attendant Seat
  • Crash Stable Mount for Portable O2 Cylinders