Safe Medic Workstation

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Safe Medic Workstation


Miller Coach has developed what we’re classifying as the Safe Medic Workstation. This area starts with a safer seating position that includes a forward facing seat with a 3-point harness. This seat is located mid-patient so that crewmembers can see to patient needs from this safer seat-belted position. Portable oxygen storage is provided under the seat that will keep bottles secure during transport, or in the event of an incident. The seats can also fold over to accommodate a second patient if necessary.

Essential controls are now integral to the workstation. This includes:

  • Environmental (HVAC, Venting)
  • Power (Both 110VAC and 12VDC)
  • Interior Lighting
  • Timers/Clock
  • Communications

The workstation includes a lighted work surface/desktop area with additional storage underneath. As an option this area can include a medical vault or locking drug box. In addition we have provided a sliding computer shelf designed specifically for laptop use. Under the storage area, we’ve located the waste basket and sharps container.

We’ve also included some innovative storage space that allows for easily accessible locations to store immediate essential items used for en route patient care. This storage includes glove box storage that is easily accessible from the seat position.

We’ve located the defibrillator/monitor to the patient side of the compartment so that monitor cables don’t cross, or interfere with aisle space and any movement required within the patient area. This area includes a monitor bracket with the following features:

  • Impact stable (Up to 12g)
  • Fits most popular monitors
  • Easily visible to the medic
  • Convenient 110VAC outlet

Miller Coach has made every effort to bring all required items within reach of a seated, belted crewmember.