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Agency360 Field Training Software


American made, web-based, Agency360's FTO Software is designned to manage the documentation of your field training program online. Utilizing Internet connectivity trainers, trainees, supervisors and administrators can access and complete their information anytime, anywhere. This state-of-the-art software digitizes your records and enables you to easily search, monitor and store that information in a variety of formats. Designed following the “K.I.S.S. principle,” users that are not computer savvy can get up to speed and begin using the system with minimal training. Field Training Tracker not only centralizes your data, but can improve the accuracy and completeness of that information with automatic error checking and spellcheck.

Offering detailed visual reports and graphical displays, Field Training Software allows agencies to analyze their data in new ways. This reporting capability lets agencies defend their decisions, not just with hundreds of pages of paperwork, but with comparative analysis and charts. Administrators can review trainee and trainer performance over time, and our forms have built-in capabilities to track more information, like calls attended and skills used on that call. While detailed reporting allows trends and patterns of behavior to be identified, Field Training Software can also alert administrators to problem behavior without having to review every form.

Lastly, Field Training Software is customizable, meaning the system can be adapted to your forms now or, if you decide to change them, in the future. The administrative tools allow you to make simple changes like shifts, rating scales or number of phases in a matter of seconds. This flexibility enables Field Training Tracker to conform to a number of training models and uses, including San Jose, PTO, EMS, corrections, police, sheriff and communication centers.