Dentist In A Box

Dentist In A Box

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Dentist In A Box is a truly unique product, developed by an Australian dentist and designed to be a dental emergency kit for the soldier/hiker/adventurist in the field, at sea or wherever they may travel. Approximately the size of a CD jewel case and weighing only 3.3 ounces, Dentist In A Box can be used for a lost filling, broken tooth or other oral trauma. The kits offer an alternative to “heavy duty” pain killers for a temporary fix until the user can reach professional assistance.

Providing easy-to-follow instructions, the kit contains temporary material, sterile applicators, mouth mirror, disposable glove, tooth splinting material, irrigant and a tooth transport tube. Simply rinse mouth, squeeze temporary material from tube, apply temporary material to affected tooth, allow to harden and seek professional attention.

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Belt Trauma Kit (BTK)

Product From Z-Medica Corporation

Whether it’s you, your buddy or a victim, stopping traumatic bleeding quickly can mean the difference between life and death. Emergency medical care may not always be available, but the BTK—Belt Trauma Kit—is. This self-contained kit provides the immediate hemostatic medical help you need to save a life. QuikClot® hemostatic products rapidly and effectively stop bleeding with technology that has saved countless lives on the battlefield. The BTK is a compact, lightweight and cost effective way to add another layer of safety to your daily routine. It fits up to a 2 inch belt and can be worn rotated 90 degrees to make room for other gear. The BTK contains the following items:

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Mini-Tek A - AIrway Case

Product From Biotek

The Mini-Tek A provides more than sufficient space for all your ALS or advanced EMT airway equipment needs.  The lid component individually holds items in place for quick and easy access.  The bottom compartment has a clear acrylic compartment for easy access to many items.  Velcro is utilized in the bottom for securing your BVM, masks, tubing, BP cuff and all else that is considered an essential part of your airway management protocol.

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Junkin Safety Appliances

Product From Junkin Safety Appliance Co., Inc.

Since 1932 Junkin Safety Appliance Company manufacturers a variety of safety and rescue equipment, including basket stretchers; plastic stretchers; aluminum break-apart stretchers; air rescue stretchers; aluminum and steel pole stretchers, with vinyl covers; stretcher kits; stretcher accessories; wooden and polyethylene backboards; evacuation chairs; first aid equipment; and fire blankets. Visit

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Weather Resistant First Aid Kit

Product From Lifeline First Aid, LLC



16 3/4'” x 3” BANDAGES
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Product From UH Supply, LLC

Uhsupply is your #1 full line distributor of emergency medical products such as immobilization equipment, wound care products, airway maintenance products, diagnostic supplies, EMS bags, infection control, breathing equipment, medical supply and equipment, first aid equipment & supplies, hospital equipment & physician supplies.

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EMS and First Aid Supplies

Product From Ever Dixie EMS Supply Company

EMS supplies and accessories, including flashlights and shears, as well as emergency tools like window punches and emergency flares, are found here. We carry first aid supplies and emergency medication like charcoal and glucose, and prescription drugs including Epi-pens and nitroglycerin.

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First Aid / Hygiene

Product From SP Services (UK) Ltd.

We offer a comprehensive range of first aid and hygiene products to serve virtually any relevant need. From dressings and plasters, bandages and eye wash packages, hot and cold packs, masks, gloves and

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H&H Emergency Cricothyrotomy Kit

Product From H & H Medical Corporation

The H&H Emergency Cricothyrotomy Kit contains the tools needed in emergency situations to perform a cricothyrotomy. An emergency cricothyrotomy is a surgical procedure used to gain prompt access to an otherwise compromised and inaccessible airway. An emergency cricothyrotomy consists of requires basic equipment in the field. The H&H Emergency Cricothyrotomy Kit has everything trauma personnel will need:

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H&H Trauma Compression Bandages

Product From H & H Medical Corporation

H&H provides the leading compression bandages on the market today. Our combat-proven sterile bandages give first responders the ability to deal with any hemorrhaging emergency. Our bandages are designed to fit in a variety of trauma kits, from small personal kits to large field packs. Sizes range from 4" pads on our Thin Cinch to 8" pads on our popular H-Bandage and Cinch Tight all the way up to our 12" pad on our Big Cinch abdominal dressing. Whatever the situation, H&H has what first responders need to save a life.

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H&H Wound Seal Kit

Product From H & H Medical Corporation

The H and H Wound Seal Kit provides a fast application for sealing wounds quickly to stop external bleeding. The Wound Seal Kit is a sterile, TCCC-compliant occlusive dressing that with a 6" x 8" plastic sealing square with an aggressive hydrogel adhesive to stick to the wound and the surrounding skin through blood and debris.

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