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The new partnership will accelerate the growth of this industry-leading security monitoring company.
The online, mulitplayer platform will allow first responders to train in life-like, complex coordinated attack scenarios.
$1.6M is available specifically for mobile telemedicine
The app allows qualified first aiders to be notified when someone has called for an ambulance within 500 meters of their current location
ePCRs give us more data more easily—here’s how to use it for better care
The system will provide better internet access for medical instruments requiring connectivity
In the wake of the biggest cyberattack in history, a reminder that data security is critical.
This department states they will save hundreds of hours annually by switching from a desktop installed software to Aladtec’s online staff scheduling and workforce management software system.
Mobile IQ delivers real-time analysis and alerts on mobile connectivity, security, performance, and behavior so that IT operations teams can make faster, more informed decisions.
Twiage helps accelerate lifesaving care for heart attack, stroke, trauma and other emergencies.
At least 12 nations reported that hackers had commandeered computers everywhere from hospitals to telecommunications systems
The proven software solution streamlines the 9-1-1 call-handling process by providing integrated response protocols and pre-arrival instructions that help guide dispatchers through each call.
RescueNet® Billing Pro, a new software solution, will help EMS agencies simplify the EMS billing process and optimize revenue.
Two leading providers for mission-critical communication solutions, Zetron and Harris Corporation’s Public Safety and Professional Communications (PSPC) business, have teamed up to provide industry-leading technology in North America.