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  • QUIC-RELEASE Horizontal Cylinder Lift

    The QUIC-RELEASE Horizontal Cylinder Lift, Model QR-CL-H, makes it easier to change bench-mounted medical oxygen cylinders.

    Product • June 27th, 2014

  • Rescuer Emergency and Rescuer II Compact CPAP Systems

    Provide both CPAP and nebulizer access using only one gas outlet

    Product • June 9th, 2014

  • E-Z O2 Lift

    A compact oxygen cylinder lift and storage compartment

    Product • April 15th, 2014

  • FLOCAP Flow Indicator

    Designed for visualization of a patient’s exhaled CO2 and expiratory flow

    Product • April 15th, 2014

  • Maxtec

    Maxtec, Salt Lake City Utah, has been a leader in oxygen analysis and delivery products for more than 15 years. We provide a full line of replacement oxygen sensors and SpO 2 probes compatible with all major applications in the market. Customers...

    Company • April 15th, 2014

  • Neurotrauma Review Series Part 3: What’s in a Dermatome?

    Nerves can tell us much about spinal cord injuries

    Article • March 1st, 2014

  • Rescuer Emergency CPAP System with Nebulizer Takeoff Port

    Using the nebulizer port saves time and effort for the paramedic who only has one oxygen outlet

    Product • January 28th, 2014

  • BLS Systems Releases Rescuer CPAP Model with Nebulizer Takeoff Port

    Using the nebulizer port saves time and effort for the paramedic who only has one oxygen outlet

    Press Release • January 28th, 2014

  • First Stop First Aid

    First Stop First Aid was founded with a single objective: to offer only the most trusted first aid, medical & safety products available at an affordable price point. Why us? Because overpriced van based suppliers and chain stores have had a...

    Company • January 27th, 2014

  • King LTS-D Supraglottic Airway

    Easy to insert and is strategically designed to minimize airway trauma

    Product • January 6th, 2014

  • Oxygen Tank Systems

    Built with heavy-duty components and capable of lifting up to 205 lbs., the OTS features a special backdriving actuator, preventing damage if the air suspension is lowered while the system is in use

    Product • January 6th, 2014

  • First Response Catalogue

    This catalogue features Essex liquid oxygen distribution systems for both air and ground ambulance systems

    Product • January 6th, 2014

  • Essex Industries

    Founded in 1947, Essex Industries designs and manufactures products for aerospace and defense, first response, safety and medical markets in their four facilities, which are located in St. Louis, MO.

    Company • January 6th, 2014

  • Med One Capital

    Med One is the authorized distributor for the NEW MedSystem III infusion pump. The preferred pump for ambulatory/EMT and air transport. We also offer a biomed department trained and certified to PM and repair your existing MedSystem III infusion...

    Company • December 20th, 2013

  • EMMA Capnograph

    Immediate capnography at your fingertips

    Product • December 10th, 2013

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