Two paramedics in Palatine, Ill., were taken to an area hospital with non-life threatening injuries following a collision with a van while responding to a call.

A forest fire caused by high temperatures and a dry thunderstorm have killed dozens of people and left many others homeless.

A 48-year-old man ran over people leaving a mosque, which police are considering a terrorist incident.

Firefighters and EMS personnel practiced their responses in an airplane emergency drill.
Twenty ambulance crews and 200 firefighters responded to a fire in a 24-story apartment building in London.
More than half of surveyed providers say they've been attacked.
A bill that would allow first responders to carry concealed handguns while on duty has been endorsed by Texas senators.
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Lahiri Garcia, 51, and Paul Besaw, 36, died in an ambulance crash on June 1.
When Marc Hadden learned the baby he delivered in his ambulance was being put up for adoption, he excitedly took the opportunity to turn his family of four into a family of five.
How to design the ambulance patient compartment so workers can remain seated and restrained.
An overview of testing methods for the ambulance roof and floor.
Two new crash-test methods support safe mounting and storage of equipment and supplies in the patient compartment.
Improvements in cots, cot mount design and patient restraint can improve patient and worker safety.
Upper-torso restraints can increase safety by reducing head travel and body slide during a crash.