Driving Simulator for Police, Fire, Ambulance

The Drive Square Driving Simulator is portable and easy to use. It can be brought to a location of convenience, instead of the drivers traveling to a training center. All drivers can be trained in a familiar vehicle, such as a police cruiser, ambulance or a fire truck. Whether a part of an EVOC training course or a centerpiece of your annual Refresher course, the Drive Square Simulation System will allow your drivers to keep their edge by safely practicing: negotiation of crowded intersections, appropriate usage of the siren and lights, staying in the appropriate lane position, drivers situational awareness, keeping other drivers aware of your vehicle, risk management skills, compliance with local laws. Law Enforcement specific elements include: traffic stops and high-speed pursuits, pursuit termination, PIT maneuver (where applicable). Fire Truck specific: heavy, liquid-loaded vehicle handling, vehicle size awareness.