Public safety agencies across the country turn to a leader in cost-effective rugged device solutions.

Stuttgart, Germany, July 18, 2017 ( — ECG-Guard is a new wearable personal monitoring device that is designed to help users track their heart function and other important health metrics. It offers Bluetooth connectivity so that users can export their data to the convenient mobile app for easy monitoring.

Responsive Respiratory celebrates its 15th anniversary as the leader in high pressure home oxygen equipment and supplies.
ATS is releasing a new EMS training product which features skill demonstrations in 9 subject areas.
Act+Fast Anti Choking Trainer provides children-as well as teachers and caregivers-with the opportunity to realistically practice choking rescue skills in an engaging, hands-on and effective way
There will be a following joint research conducted by the Buck Institute for Research on Aging in Novato and the University of California, San Francisco
The buddy lite helps avert hypothermia in Texas transfusions
St. Louis Fire upgrades to Microflex’s LifeStar EC gloves
The kits give each school the ability to treat a full range of traumatic injuries including massive bleeding, blocked airways, chest wounds and more
The company will display its ResQCPR system, AutoPulse system and AED 3 defibrillator models.
The new Spectrum blades features light control and light reduction, which optimizes images quality.
The masks allow firefighters and EMS staff to save pets' lives when being rescued from fires
Category 1 hurricane conditions seemed to be a good time to try this parka out
Pinellas County Fire and EMS provides case study in quality management