The Stamford Fire Department established the Fairfield County Trauma Recovery Network to encourage firefighters to have mental health conversations.
FDNY's Lt. Christopher J. Raguso and Fire Marshal Christopher Zanetis were two of the passengers aboard the HH-60 Pave Hawk helicopter that crashed in Iraq.
The diversions have caused longer wait times for 9-1-1 callers due to understaffed dispatch centers.
The lead engineer didn't believe the cracks were a safety concern, but they led to the collapse that killed six people.
Multiple complaints were filed by Broward County, including the costs incurred by the opioid epidemic that are taxing police and EMS agencies.
One of the EMTs also sustained minor injuries when the ambulance struck a guard rail and careened down an embankment.
When a teenager became stuck 350 feet below the earth's surface, San Antonio Fire Department's technical rescue team was well-prepared for the operation.
Nine Sunstar Paramedics employees were recognized for their high-quality patient care by Pinellas County HCA Hospitals
Paramedic Steve Potratz-Lee was the first to climb 69 flights of stairs in 11 minutes in full turnout gear at the 27th annual Scott Firefighter Stairclimb in Seattle.
The third child managed to escape, but a critical stress management team may be consulted to help the firefighters deal with the other children's deaths.
Nine others were injured and transported to hospitals, but authorities say they don't expect to find any other survivors.
AMR is pushing for new standardized cardiac arrest care after studies revealed performing high-quality CPR on scene nearly doubled patients' survival rates.
Despite CPR efforts from hotel employees before paramedics arrived, the 11-year-old girl died later that night.
Rescue crews are working to find victims trapped underneath a pedestrian bridge that has collapsed at Florida International University.
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