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What goes into building the educational program at a state show?
If approved, Minneapolis will pay $195K to investigate reports of its police officers urging paramedics to sedate patients with ketamine.
Following the death of a 26-year-old, first responders who were on scene have received mental health support.
The increased levy will fund ambulance purchases and the hiring of more paramedics.
A $14M freestanding ED should shorten wait times and help EMS crews depart earlier to return to the field.
Smart911 users create online profiles that provide important emergency information to first responders.
The AHA’s focus on quality identifies Pulsara as an evidence-based vendor.
Unaffected by Florence as it pummels the rest of their state, northeastern EMS crews are helping their southeastern neighbors.
Calumet Park Fire Department plans to replace its 30 part-time firefighters with 12 privatized full-time firefighters to save money.
The ongoing hurricane has led to 17 deaths and over 900 water rescues due to severe flooding in the Carolinas.
Students can earn their certification through Columbia Southern University's 10-week course.
The drone has a device that acts as a mini-cell tower to allow first responders to communicate in a disaster.
Turnover rates are high due to low pay for EMTs and paramedics.
Chicago Fire Department Capt. Daryl Moore, 55, apparently drowned after falling off a dock.