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EMS Product News and Reviews

Fire/rescue/transport vehicle, all in one

     Because versatility is at a premium in these difficult times, Braun Industries has developed the Patriot, combining a fire/rescue/transport apparatus in one unit. The Patriot features a fully transport-capable ambulance body, has rescue compartments for equipment and can carry up to 200 gallons of water. The unit is designed to have a compressed air foam system (CAFS) to hold and dispense up to 15 gallons of foam. The Patriot uses a Super Chief module-a Type 1 medium-duty ambulance-mounted on a Spartan Furion chassis to deliver maximum interior space and payload. Visit or call 419/232-7020.

Portable freezing unit

     Engel USA offers the Engel MRFD-015 (Engel 15) portable freezing unit, the ideal refrigerator/freezer for emergency personnel, particularly when needing to induce hypothermic resuscitation after CPR, which can mean improved recovery. A critical element for a successful induced hypothermia treatment is the proper cooling of the body. A common technique is to infuse chilled saline and apply ice packs on specific regions of the patient. The challenge was how to consistently keep the saline at the target temperature of 1–2°C. The Engel 15 maintains the necessary temperature needed to save lives when every second counts. With the Engel 15's portable design, responders can bring the freezer with them to the scene. Call 888/272-9838 or visit

Enhanced features on HeartStart MRx

     Philips has announced several major enhancements to the HeartStart MRx, a monitor/defibrillator for ALS-trained caregivers in EMS and hospital environments. The HeartStart MRx now includes new clinical decision support tools, updated data management solutions and next-generation Q-CPR technology that can be used by a healthcare system as part of a program to improve cardiac care and a patient's chance for complete recovery. The HeartStart MRx is the only monitor/defibrillator to offer Philips' new DXL ECG algorithm, which enables analysis of 12-lead ECG data and identifies the STEMI culprit artery. Visit

Response suit uses certified Gore fabric

     W.L. Gore & Associates' breathable GORE CHEMPAK selectively permeable fabric has been selected as the chemical barrier for Blauer Manufacturing's NFPA-certified WZ9435 XRT Response Suit. This easily donned single-piece coverall, which does not require taping, allows wearers to respond more quickly and remain deployed for up to eight hours. As the first and only breathable CBRN barrier component-recognized to the NFPA 1994 (2007) Class 3 standard, Gore's fabric provides protection against NFPA-identified hazards plus additional toxic industrial chemicals and chemical warfare agents. Visit\XRT or call 800/431-GORE.

Breaking windows, cutting belts

     Automobile accidents often result in entrapment. The Breakout Safety Tool, from World Class Safety Products, is the fastest and safest way to get into or out of these dangerous situations by breaking side windows and cutting seat belts. Designed to be stored/clipped to the sun visor for easy use in a crisis, the Breakout Safety Tool is built from high-impact materials and features an ambidextrous pistol-grip handle, dual stainless steel breaker points and stainless steel blades. Some models come with LED lights and magnets for use as hands-free light sources. Visit or call 217/283-7067.

E-Series Super Duty package from Ford

     Ford unveiled its revised E-Series Super Duty ambulance package for 2010-featuring a proven 6.8-liter gasoline engine, a comprehensive array of heavy-duty components and a lower base model cost-at the National Truck Equipment Association show in March. The package's fuel-efficient Triton V-10 engine delivers 305 horsepower and 420 foot-pounds of torque for responsive acceleration in emergency situations. This engine is mated to a 5R110W five-speed automatic overdrive transmission. Several rear axle ratios are available to meet regional needs. Visit or call 800/392-3673.

Bar code tool manager

     Dynamic Systems Inc. has announced the release of a low-cost tool manager based on bar code technology. The Basic Tool Manager is targeted for companies wanting to reduce the loss of tools and save time tracking down equipment. If it requires one minute to check a tool in and out, and if a company's staff spends even 20 minutes a day searching for tools or servicing equipment, the overhead savings can be dramatic. "Loss of tools and malfunctioning equipment is a major overhead cost," says DSI President Alison Falco. "Our customers see a typical payback for the Tool Manager within 3–4 months." Visit or call 800/342-3999.


Online CPR training

     The National Institute for Emergency Medical Training offers a fully comprehensive online CPR certification course. The online testing component is a 25-question theory exam; the practical hands-on skills test is performed on Ambu SmartMan Intelligent CPR Skills Validation manikins. The Ambu SmartMan intelligent manikin compares real-time performance against the current guidelines, including 30:2 CPR, hands-only, rescue breathing, 1 & 2 person compression and ventilation CPR and other standards. SmartMan users receive a relative percentage score (out of 100%) indicating their skill level and a real-time detailed report is produced. Visit

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