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Endings and New Beginnings

     It seems like the moment we returned from EMS EXPO, held October 13–17 in Las Vegas, NV, we went straight to work on our annual Buyer's Guide. The conference was a wonderful experience. With 6,000+ EMS folks joining us in the middle of the Nevada desert, it was quite an adventure. Attending the EXPO is always inspiring and the entire EMS Magazine editorial team came back with dozens of new ideas to put into place in the New Year.

     For now, we introduce our largest issue of the year and the most comprehensive resource in the industry, our Gold Book/Buyer's Guide. The guide features several sections. The Company Index starts on page 106 and lists contact information and product descriptions for hundreds of companies serving the EMS profession. Our handy Product Index, which lists companies by the products they make, starts on page 131. This year, we feature condensed versions of our Annual State and Province Survey and Directory of EMS Organizations on pages 142 and 148; for more comprehensive data, visit

     Looking ahead to 2009, we have several exciting features planned for EMS Magazine. Debuting in the January issue is our ongoing Professional Development series, which is focused toward new supervisors and current EMS managers, presenting useful information in an easily digestible format. Think of it as a curriculum in print, where you can read the material and then implement the suggestions the very next day. Exclusive supplements in 2009 will focus on information technology, patient and provider safety, emergency vehicles, disaster management, careers and personnel management, cardiac care, EMS innovations and new communication technologies. We will also feature our first annual Readers' Choice issue, where we will invite you—the reader—to determine the content we publish in a specific issue of EMS Magazine! Visit for more information on this and other exciting projects to be launched both in print and online in 2009.

     Finally, on behalf of the staff of EMS Magazine, I would like to wish you and yours a safe and happy holiday season!

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