New Products

New Products

Article Apr 30, 2006

One-hand, multifunction rescue knife
The versatile new 883 Code 3 CrossLock from Buck Knives is a double-blade, multi-function emergency knife designed for easy one-hand use. The CrossLock design lets the user roll the knife to each side for easy access to either the sculpted spear-point blade for utility on one side, or the blunt-tip, fully serrated sheepsfoot blade on the other side for more aggressive cutting with safety. Both of the 3" blades lock open and are made of Buck's high-quality 420HC stainless steel and heat-treated to the ideal standard RC 58 hardness for peak performance.
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Ventilator focuses on mass casualty needs
The Model 73X from Impact Instrumentation is the first self-contained portable ventilator developed specifically for transport and mass casualty care. Knowing that limited oxygen supplies would deplete during a mass casualty incident and having an alternative, self-contained gas source is imperative, the "X" can be used with external oxygen and is operable via its own internal compressor using filtered ambient air.
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Multi-parameter spot-check device
Welch Allyn has introduced the Spot Vital Signs LXi, a multi-parameter spot-check device that can be customized for use in a variety of clinical settings. Its SureBP blood pressure technology measures on inflation, taking accurate blood pressure readings in approximately 15 seconds. Other features include: manual weight, height, respiration rate and pain level entry; connection to select digital weight scales; body mass index (BMI) calculation; and connectivity to electronic medical records (EMRs). Also offers SureTemp Plus thermometry and the Braun ThermoScan PRO 4000 thermometer to obtain temperature readings from the ear.
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Web-based drug tracking
Protelligent, Inc. recently launched its eyeKnow Inventory Tracking System--an exclusive Web-based application that allows EMS organizations to track controlled drugs deployed on all EMS vehicles through an effective, time-efficient software tool available for the first time. Developed by company experts working with a fire captain, eyeKnow works through a three-step process that uses bar codes to track drugs and takes mere seconds from a user's busy day.
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LifeScience PLUS prevents blood loss
To prevent unnecessary blood loss, LifeScience PLUS, a manufacturer of medical care products, recently introduced the revolutionary BloodSTOP line of hemostatic gauze. BloodSTOP is a water-soluble, hypoallergenic treatment made from biologically inert, natural regenerated cellulose that interacts with blood platelets and fibrin to form a gelatinous clear shield that seals wounds and stops bleeding quickly and safely.
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SOG Spec-Elite
The Spec-Elite series racy new Pentagon Elite blades from SOG Knives are designed for high performance with reverse-curve main edge and quickness of opening. The Arc-Lock includes: strength: independently lab-tested at over 1,000 lbs. of pressure without lock failure; speed: spring-action provides fast, smooth one-handed opening; safety: positive closing feature ensures that the blade securely stays within the handle when closed; ambidexterity: blade can be comfortably accessed with either hand; and durability.
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Array of photoluminescent lights
Pelican Products has unveiled glow-in-the-dark versions of its most popular fire and safety lights featuring photoluminescent lens rings. Special material in the lens ring maintains a charge from exposure to all sorts of ambient light, resulting in a green glow that shines like a beacon even after the light is switched off. The photoluminescent series features both incandescent and cutting-edge Recoil LED models of Pelican's classic lights.
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Mouth safety during intubation
During oral intubation, it is important to protect the top teeth from accidental trauma. The Intubate Mate can be placed in the mouth prior to intubating, inserting an esophageal obturator airway, or prior to rescue breathing with a BVM or pocket mask. Use it on patients who have a gag reflex. Its single use makes it cost-effective and convenient. A small LED light is also available.
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Product catalog now available
Armstrong Medical's 2006 Product Catalog, First Edition, features the new A-SMART All-Aluminum Push-Button Locking Cart and the newly designed All-Aluminum Auto-Locking Cart with optional Auto-Locking Cart Software. Also included are the Broselow Pediatric Resuscitation Medication/Infusion Guide, which provides a quick reference to common resuscitation IV push drugs and vasoactive infusion drugs; the ClearView Security Drug Box; the Stat Baby for PALS training; and much more.
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Emergency medical rescue cutter
The Fish Series 200R Rescue Cutter from the Safety Knife Company, with its quick cutting action and protected blade, ensures effective release of a victim with speed and safety. The internal stainless steel blade is inaccessible to flesh, protecting both the user and victim from further discomfort. The patented valley "mouth" of the knife allows the blade to take the strain and slice through material more effectively than ordinary cutters.
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Web-based 12-lead ECG education
Web-based imPULSE from Apex Innovations is a comprehensive series that covers basic ECGs, how to obtain an ECG, heart rhythms, 12-lead ECGs, acute coronary syndromes and advanced situations, providing six competencies. imPULSE improves understanding of 12-lead ECGs and chest pain care, and contains current AHA/ACC guidelines and a 12-lead reference library.
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Retractable gear attachment system
First engineered for SCUBA diving, the Gear Keeper RT2 Series is a rugged, retractable gear-attachment system designed to utilize and protect gear in severe environments with maximum break strength and durability. The system includes: a patented salt- and waterproof flushing system that clears sand and debris from the unit; a patented Q/C Connector System that provides quick and easy connection/disconnection of gear; and 60-lb. break strength, stainless steel, nylon-coated cable and high-impact housing.
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Bar coding holds vital information
Safe ID Card Systems, Inc. is a manufacturer of custom-designed identification cards and accountability tags that include digital pictures and the new PDF-417 bar code. The bar code stores pertinent information about the individual, such as medical history, allergies and emergency contact information. Emergency services responders can "read" the card with a special reader to obtain necessary information.
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Tamper-evident security seals
Healthmark Industries offers a complete line of tamper-evident security seals for every application. Available in six different styles, numbered or unnumbered, and in dozens of colors, Healthmark tamper-evident seals are ideal for emergency kits, crash carts, ambulance supply cabinets, tool kits and anywhere that proof of entry or previous use is important. Seals "lock" without tools and are breakable by hand.
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Medtronic unveils LIFEPAK 100 defibrillator
Medtronic, Inc. announces the LIFEPAK 1000 defibrillator with cprMAX technology. The LIFEPAK 1000 is a highly rugged device with a large, intuitive screen to provide both graphical and ECG displays that can be quickly and easily assessed, as well as an advanced battery system to let providers know when the device is ready to operate. The device is equipped with ADAPTIV biphasic technology providing a full range of energy up to 360 joules.
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pNeuton Transport Ventilator
The pNeuton Transport Ventilator from Airon Corporation provides high-performance CPAP and adult/pediatric volume ventilation in one rugged device. If intubation is necessary, pNeuton provides volume or pressure-based breaths while still maintaining CPAP. No need for batteries or AC plug-in. A choice of 100% or 65% oxygen delivery extends transport times up to twice what you expect, especially when using CPAP. The simple and inexpensive patient circuit does not require a separate CPAP valve.
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AHA guidelines-compliant AED
ZOLL Medical Corp. offers a new version of the AED Pro automated external defibrillator featuring Real CPR Help, which can be used to implement the 2005 American Heart Association (AHA) Guidelines. The AED Pro now supports the new recommendation of a universal compression-to-ventilation ratio of 30:2 for single rescuers. The AED Pro offers ECG monitoring with standard ECG electrodes, combined AED capability with manual defibrillation and controlled access for ALS users. The AED Pro and AED Plus use a special electrode set, known as the CPR-D pad z, with a sensor that measures rate and depth of chest compressions.
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Joint mobile computing solution
Mentor Engineering and ZOLL Data Systems offer a combined dispatching, mobile computing and vehicle tracking solution that features Mentor Ranger, a rugged in-vehicle computer with Windows CE operating system and full-color touchscreen display. ZOLL Data Systems' RescueNet Nomad software automates much of the information sharing between dispatch and drivers. Ranger is coupled with Mentor's BBX, a wireless modem, automatic vehicle location (AVL) and data collection device. BBX relays time-stamped vehicle information and driver messages to RescueNet Dispatch software at the head office. RescueNet Dispatch also aids in fielding emergency calls, and helps in resource planning.

Staying bright in the night
The Night Bright Throw Bag from Faretec is a highly visible rescue throw bag that improves visual contact for both the rescuers and victim. The throw bag and the buoyant 10mm polypropylene rope have reflective tape built in. The bag has built-in flotation and ample drainage for quick recovery. The open-mouth bag allows for easy re-stuff/rethrow. The bag comes with 65 feet of rope.
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Full access for emergency response
Click2Enter is an access-control device that provides public safety agencies access to automatic gates, parking arms, bollards, hospital emergency room doors, etc., with their radio transceiver. No modifications to existing radios required, and no cost to the public safety agency. Just click (pulse) the radio on a designated frequency and you're in.
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Lithium-powered driver
Vidacare, manufacturer of the EZ-IO product system, has introduced an improved lithium-powered driver to replace the alkaline battery-powered drivers used with the EZ-IO product system. With a lithium ion power supply, emergency personnel can complete 500 to 750 EZ-IO insertions, more than 10 times the number that can be achieved with alkaline batteries. The lithium battery upgrade includes an increased shelf life to 15 years, a 10% increase in torque over alkaline batteries, decreased battery weight and elimination of the linear decline in battery performance associated with alkaline batteries.
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New oxygen regulator for EMS
Western Medica has announced the new Titan series of oxygen regulators, designed for use in ambulances, fire rescue or tactical medical units. The flow selector is exceptionally durable and resistant to impacts typically experienced in these environments. Construction is all brass, with a nickel-plated brass body for fire resistance. Six models are available, with flow settings from 0 to 25 LPM. Models with either CGA 540 or CGA 870 insert connections are available, as well as models with two power take-offs.
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CPR barrier offers protection
The Ambu Res-Cue Key is an easy-to-use CPR barrier with a one-way valve that prevents direct contact with a patient's mouth, nose and face, and helps overcome any hesitation to start resuscitation. A semitransparent face shield allows rescuers to visually check the patient's saliva or blood. The Res-Cue Key's small size means it can be carried on a key ring, in a pocket or in a first aid kit.
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Extrication glove offers safety and protection
The Extrication Glove from Ringers Gloves features tough abrasion- and puncture-resistant Armortex material, which is incorporated throughout the glove, including the thumb and index finger, knuckles and anatomically placed pads. Premium synthetic leather is displayed throughout the palm and fingers of the glove, while the reflective Schoeller padded knuckle protects the backside of your hand. An elastic cuff hugs your arm to keep debris, such as cut glass, from working its way inside the glove.
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Interoperable emergency communications package
Iridium Satellite has announced that it has a readily deployable emergency communications package available to government first responders gearing up for the June 1 hurricane season kickoff. The Iridium package provides mobile, global, interoperable voice and data communications service for when all other lines of communications fail. First responders can tap Iridium's voice and data communications services for asset tracking and redirecting of important equipment, supplies, vehicles and even personnel when disaster strikes.
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Handi-Straps double your strength
Handi-Straps adapt to any exercise of lifting or pulling by hand engagement. The rubberized strap extension extends just past the fingers and is used to secure objects and engage the Handi-Straps apparatus. The strap extension reduces hand and finger strain and protects hands from abrasives or sharper objects while enhancing grip. Preliminary testing indicates a significant decrease in the probability of low back disorders when using the Handi-Straps, as forces associated with lifting are distributed to the shoulders and upper back and encourage proper lifting technique.
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Ergonomic line continues to expand
Allegro Industries offers an extensive collection of ergonomic protection. The Liftbak is a 5" belt of rigid foam that supports the back during strenuous lifting. Redesigned for greater durability and strength are Allegro's popular Deluxe Spanbak and Body Belt. Other styles of back supports include the Flexbak and Maxbak belts. Allegro's Gel MaxKnee and Gel FlexKnee offer maximum comfort and kneecap protection for workers kneeling for long periods. The Economy Non-Marking FlexKnee offers an extra-long ribbed cap to prevent sliding. The durable Robo Knee is lightweight for ultimate flexing and maximum comfort.
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Ramp system makes obese-patient transport safer
Handi-Ramp has created a simple, low-cost solution that enables existing ambulances to be retrofitted with a ramp system that permits the safe transportation of patients in excess of 1,000 lbs. The system consists of: a pair of 1,500-lb. capacity extruded aluminum channel track ramps with anti-slip tape and inherent wheel guide; a 12-volt, 2,000-lb. capacity winch; a 1,500-lb. capacity block and tackle; a pair of leather tow straps; and a Stryker MX-Pro 1,600-lb. capacity bariatric gurney. The system is modular, so an ambulance company can purchase only those components it needs.
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Combat suspenders added to line of essential gear
Spec.-Ops. Brand introduces Combat Suspenders to its line of pioneering tactical nylon gear. The new suspenders are a side-mount attachment system that redistributes the load so the pants belt isn't supporting all the weight of belt-mounted gear. Easy-access side-release buckle fits belts of any size and makes it easy to disconnect the suspenders from the belt, even when worn under body armor. One-size-fits-all with a unique adjustment system that provides a custom fit.
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Glowing fabric sensation
The Specialty Group is making fabrics "glow in the dark" with a new product titled "energlo," which glows for over three hours in total darkness after only 12 minutes of exposure to natural light. The technology involves the use of completely safe photoluminescent (light absorbing & emitting) crystals that are dispersed within several layers of the company's waterproof, breathable coatings and then applied to a variety of fabrics that will ultimately be used for wet-weather clothing where additional nighttime visibility is required.
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Government representatives are considering new legislation and higher taxes to help support agencies that are losing volunteers.
Several cities and counties are planning to sue for the excessive costs of handling the opioid epidemic, especially for medical services, fire departments, and law enforcement.
Mothers can anonymously drop off their infants in the baby box at fire departments, which sets off a silent alarm alerting EMS personnel that it's in use.
Acushnet ambulances will be using Tylenol, Toradol, and ibuprofen as safer alternatives to fentanyl as the opioid epidemic continues to worsen.
Medline is one of the first to achieve a fentanyl-resistant product in response to the growing opioid epidemic.
A portion of ticket sales will help fund the monument in Keansburg, which will feature a piece of a steel beam from the World Trade Center.
The AAA honored SCCAD's efforts in combating the opioid epidemic with a 2017 AMBY Award in the category of Community Impact Program.
The funds will benefit organizations along the Hudson River such as Rockland Paramedic Services, Nyack Hospital, and Maternal Infant Services Network.
As one of the top ten most active emergency departments in the nation, Reading Hospital staff felt it was time to prepare for an active shooter event.
Doctors participating in Minnesota's Medicaid program could face warnings and even removal from the program if they exceed the new dosage limit for more than half of their patients.
The unique intelligence system delivers verified terror alerts within two minutes of a terror threat or attack anywhere in the world.
Over 100 EMS, fire and police personnel participated in a large-scale active shooter training event at Pechanga Resort & Casino.
Tristan Meadows, leader for the campus group Students for Opioid Solutions, presented a bill to the UND School Senate to purchase 50 Narcan kits.
The LBKAlert system alerts community members through call, text or email notifications of emergency events and instructions on what actions to take to protect themselves.
Dispatchers at New Bern Police Department's communications center are now allowed to provide pre-arrival medical instructions to 9-1-1 callers.