Article Apr 30, 2006

Pedi-Spider for pediatric patients
From the originators of the Spider-Strap comes a revolution in pediatric immobilization-the Pedi-Spider strap. While the Pedi-Spider from Emergency Products + Research shares some of the same characteristics of its larger relative, it was designed by a paramedic exclusively for pediatric patients. Gone are the days of improvising to accommodate smaller patients by using Kerlix, bandages, tape and scissors.
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Train with the Pedi-Select Adjustable Collar
The Stifneck Pedi-Select collar from Laerdal features a pink Velcro strap for easy identification; improved sizing to fit a wider range of pediatric patients; and an industry-first integrated fastener for the Velcro strap to enhance performance in varying environmental conditions.
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New textbook focuses on pediatric care
Pediatric Case Studies for the Paramedic from Jones and Barlett is the third and final text in the Case Studies for the Paramedic series, and focuses exclusively on the challenges presented when treating pediatric patients, and is aimed at overcoming the fear and anxiety many providers experience while responding to calls involving ill or injured children. The book contains 20 case studies.
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New product enables safe, secure and gentle PD IO access
Vidacare has received 510(k) clearance from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to market its EZ-IO PD product system for use in pediatrics, providing emergency medical personnel with a technologically advanced device to gain IO access in patients of all sizes. The EZ-IO PD's shorter needle and increased bore size compared to traditional manual needles will provide clinicians with a more sensitive, reliable and easier to use emergency vascular access solution for pediatric patients.
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Reflex pediatric plastic backboard set
At only 3 lbs., the Reflex Pediatric Plastic Backboard Set from EMS*USA stores at just 1/2" thick and has a load capacity of 150 lbs. The backboard comes complete with a Reflex plastic head immobilizer and four adjustable side-release restraint buckles. It is unaffected by water or body fluids; folds ready for use in seconds; and is a generous 48" long and 12" wide.
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Pediatric immobilization device
Hartwell Medical's Evac-U-Splint Pediatric Mattress is designed to mold to a child's specific body contours to provide a secure cradle that is both supportive and comfortable. The child is held securely in neutral alignment, reducing the fear, anxiety and struggling common in children. Unlike traditional hard and flat backboards, the Evac-U-Splint mattress creates no circumferential pressure, dramatically reducing the potential for pressure sore development.
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The Spokane Fire Department has selected its first woman assistant chief, Trisha Wolford, since its start in 1884.
Recently retired Lt. James Baker allegedly groped female patients on numerous occasions before he was arrested for putting a hidden camera in the women's bathroom at the fire station.
Gia Smith, registered nurse and CEO of Central Valley Speciality Hospital, sprang into action on her cross-country flight when a fellow Californian suffered a heart attack.
Josh Granada, an Orlando Fire Department paramedic, was fired for violating privacy laws after taking an audio recording of a patient and later showing it to his coworkers.
Hawkeye Community College demonstrated the roles of various healthcare professionals treating the injured patients, including paramedics, respiratory therapists, nurses, medical lab technicians, and physical therapists.
The Line of Duty Death project recently erected roadway dedication signs with the names of the firefighters who have died since the foundation of Howard County's volunteer fire station.
EmergyCare is taking applications to provide two women with scholarships to pay for EMT school and textbooks along with jobs upon completion of their training.
Manatee County emergency management officials are asking 100 plus businesses to register their AEDs on the PulsePoint app so users know if there are cardiac arrest victims nearby who need aid.
Baltimore City Council has fielded complaints about 9-1-1 callers being on hold during serious emergencies caused by understaffed dispatch centers and too many non-emergency calls.
The small, military-grade sensor device detects gunshot sounds and sends alerts to police to save more lives in active shooter scenarios.
According to the American Heart Association's newest guidelines, almost half of Americans have high blood pressure.
House Speaker Beth Harwell mandated her staff to attend both active shooter survival and sexual harassment response training.
A Pafford EMS medical helicopter crashed on Sunday night, killing all three crew members on board.
Effingham County Dive Rescue Team consists of difficult but rewarding work, like rescue missions and solving crimes with police.
The 6,700-square foot center features a dispatch center, a large main room for disaster response meetings, and a media room for relaying information during emergencies.