Immobilization Showcase

Immobilization Showcase

Article Apr 30, 2005

Fast Splinting

At the scene of an accident, when time is critical, caregivers need a splint that’s easy to apply, while helping ease the patient’s discomfort. Med Spec’s Prosplints are fast, effective performers in thousands of emergency splinting applications. Features include quick and easy application and removal; complete washability; availability individually or in a variety of kits; a variety of sizes, including pediatric; imperviousness to severe temperature and weather conditions; and x-ray translucence and MRI compatibility. For more information, call 800/334-4143, or visit

Reusable Meets Disposable

Laerdal’s SpeedBlocks Head Immobilizer bridges the gap between reusable and disposable head immobilizers with low-cost disposable pads and straps. SpeedBlocks features multi-axis sliding adjustment, contoured fit for increased patient comfort, and easy patient access. Laerdal carries a full line of spinal and immobilization solutions. For a free trial package offer, call 877/LMC-4EMS (562-4367) and mention code SB-MayEMS. For more information, call 877/LMC-4EMS, visit or contact an authorized distributor.

Disposable Stretcher

The disposable GO stretcher, from GO Manufacturing Innovations, is a unique and inexpensive ($14) product designed to meet many of the needs associated with patient transport and handling for mass-casualty incidents, disaster preparedness and everyday EMS. It can be used as a disposable emergency stretcher; as a transfer system to move a patient from a backboard to a hospital gurney; as a seated patient evacuation system; or as a search and rescue gurney. For more information, call 314/664-0164, or visit

Seamless Backboard

The Medstorm Backboard from PMI features a seamless design that prevents fluids from entering and eliminates cross-contamination. Its offset rails allow two boards to be nested together in less than 4" of space. The Medstorm can hold up to 500 lbs. and weighs just 15 lbs. It measures 72" long by 16" wide by 2.25" deep and lists at $74.95. For more information, call 800/764-0636, or visit

Modular Leg Splint

FareTec Inc. has introduced the latest version of its CT-6 Traction Leg Splint. This newest version features ½"-diameter carbon tubing and a powerful 4:1 traction systema. The modular construction allows for fits from pediatric to adult. With a total weight of less than one pound, it’s stiff, strong and light. For more information, call 800/322-3273, or visit

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Head Immobilizer

David Medical’s Head Immobilizer (Item # DA-02272) is made of rugged PE foam and has a waterproof vinyl coating for easy cleaning. Two full-size head blocks with two head straps provide firm, comfortable support, and large holes allow access to the patient’s ear canal. The Head Immobilizer can be easily used on backboards, stretchers, etc. For information on this and other EMS products,visit

New Kendrick Colors

Medix Choice presents two new additions to its line of traction devices: The Kendrick Traction Device is now available in both EMS blue and firehouse red. The new models have the same easy-to-use color-coded straps and compact size and weight (20 oz.) as before. These are currently available only through Medix Choice (dealer inquiries are invited); for more information, call 619/588-4583.

For Extreme Splinting

Minto Research & Development introduces the SX404 Sager Extreme Emergency Traction Splint. Designed for extreme rescue environments, the SX404 is suited for combat military service, mountain rescue and urban environments. Its radiolucent design enables x-rays, MRI and cat scans to be taken without removing the splint. Compact, robust and lightweight, it folds into a single 13.75" x 10.75" x 4.25" case. For more information, call 800/642-6468, or visit

Extrication Enhancements

The newest extrication product from Rick Kendrick, inventor of the Kendrick Traction Device, is the KODE II Extrication Device. Available from EP&R, the KODE II has nine additional features enhancing its function and ease of application for securely and safely removing a victim. For more information, call 800/322-5725.

Fast Nasal Splint

The Denver Splint, from Shippert Medical, is a leading method for post-traumatic nasal splinting to stabilize and immobilize nasal bones and reduce edema. The Series 1500 model is composed of moldable yet firm aluminum that holds the nasal bones in position and Velcro layers that give cushioned pressure on subcutaneous tissue. For abraded surfaces, the Series 2200 with Duoderm is a one-piece splint composed of moldable aluminum and a soft adhesive pad that can be applied directly to abraded skin. All Denver Splints are adhesive and require only 60 seconds to apply. For more information, call 800/888-8663, or visit

Inexpensive Vacuum Splint

Emulating Hartwell Medical’s original Evac-U-Splint line, the company’s Fasplint vacuum-immobilization products provide an inexpensive option for nearly all immobilization needs. Fasplints are designed to be reusable but are inexpensive enough to be discarded after a messy trauma call. They can be used on all fractures and dislocations, or as head immobilizer/spineboard pads. For more information, call 800/633-5900, or visit

Mini Extrication Collar

To complement its adult Perfit ACE Collar with 16 adjustable settings, Ambu introduces its new Mini Perfit ACE Extrication Collar. With 12 settings, the Mini Perfit ACE adjusts to infant, pediatric and small adult neck sizes. This fully adjustable collar incorporates latches that allow the rescuer to fit the collar according to the patient’s exact neck size. Not only a pediatric collar, the Mini Perfit ACE also fits small adults. Call 800/262-8462, ext. 1134, or e-mail

Pelvic Fracture Stabilization

SAM Medical Products offers the SAM Sling for the stabilization of pelvic fractures. The SAM Sling has a patented “autostop” buckle to provide the correct circumferential force to close and stabilize open-book pelvic fractures with every use. It is the first and only force-controlled circumferential pelvic belt shown in peer-reviewed studies to safely and effectively reduce and stabilize open-book pelvic ring fractures. It meets ASTM Standard F2428-04. Call 800/818-4726, or visit

Child Safety Seat

EVS Ltd. addresses the old problem of child safety in ambulances with its seamless 1850 Hi-BAC Safety Seat. By simply folding down the seat back cushion, the child seat is exposed, with its easy-to-operate five-point safety harness to secure the child. For attendants, the ergonomically correct 33" seat back helps prevent whiplash injury. All of EVS’s seamless products comply with OSHA’s Triple-K (version E, June 2002) standards for easy removal of bloodborne pathogens. For more information or a free catalog, call 800/364-3218, or visit

Scoop Stretcher

Ferno’s Scoop EXL stretcher is designed to open and gently scoop up a patient, making it ideal for situations where moving the patient may cause further injury. Adjustable from 69" to 79", it has a polymer construction that will not readily transmit hot or cold after being stored in an ambulance. It is easy to clean and disinfect, x-ray translucent, and has a recessed head section to maintain cervical alignment. Weighing 18 lbs. and folding down to 47", the Scoop EXL has a weight capacity of 350 lbs. Call 800/733-3766, or visit

Stretchers, Etc.

Junkin manufactures a range of stretchers and other products, including plastic stretchers, confined-space stretchers, an aluminum break-apart stretcher, stair chairs, backboards (wood and plastic), first aid equipment and fire blankets. For more information, call 502/775-8303, or visit

Improved Collar Sizing

The newest addition to Laerdal’s Stifneck line, the Pedi-Select collar, offered through Bound Tree Medical, offers improved sizing to fit a wider range of pediatric patients, and includes a pink strap for easy identification. Oversize tracheal and back-panel openings allow easy access for advanced airway management and ongoing cervical assessment. Stronger oxygen mask/nasal cannula hooks aid in securing supplemental oxygen devices. To simplify training, its sizing method is identical to that of the original Stifneck collar. For more information, call 800/533-0523.

Easier Litter Movement

The NEET-KART, from CW Engineered Products, allows a litter to be cradled and secured so that an injured person can be moved more easily and safely from remote/backcountry locations. Its unique two-wheel inline design allows transport over rough terrain with minimal effort. Two persons can easily maneuver the NEET-KART, which prevents the responder from having to carry weight, thus preventing back injuries. The NEET-KART is also useful in carrying tools and equipment to recovery sites. It disassembles to 6½" x 26" x 40" for convenient carrying and storage. Call 877/690-4170, or e-mail

Patient Immobilization

The EMS Econo-Vac is the latest concept in patient immobilization from MDI. Designed as low-cost, disposable items, EMS Econo-Vac splints eliminate the concern of expensive products being lost or left at the hospital. These products are ideal for the emergency medical, industrial and athletic training markets. For more information, call 800/323-9035, or visit

Stair-Pro Line

Stryker EMS introduces its new STAIR-PRO line for 2005. Designed for a load capacity of 500 lbs., the line’s three models deliver high durability, ease of use and operator safety. STAIR-PRO is the only chair on the market shown by scientific testing to reduce the risk of injuries. Stryker’s innovative Stair-TREAD system eliminates the need for lifting when transporting a patient down stairs. Call 800/RUGGED-6, or visit

Acushnet ambulances will be using Tylenol, Toradol, and ibuprofen as safer alternatives to fentanyl as the opioid epidemic continues to worsen.
AMR's Home for the Holidays program provides free rides to at least 40 patients in assisted living facilities to transport them to their loved ones.
The company announced a restructuring of its operational team that would transfer operational oversight to newly-created Regional Presidents and strengthen support from its national team.
Brewster Ambulance replaced the agency's old fleet with four new state-of-the-art units costing $224,000 each.
Lake County dispatch operators provide tips for callers to help first responders arrive in a timely and safe manner.
The sales tax increase should help cover much of the costs related to the agency's increased call volume, which is expected to be record-breaking this year.
The Cape Vincent Ambulance Squad will be separating from the fire department in order to recruit more members.
Adam R. Zaharick, who was charged with stealing and crashing an ambulance, is now facing assault charges for attacking two correctional officers.
The speedy work of EMS personnel was commended by the chief of trauma and emergency surgery at University Hospital, whose employees had been regularly training for shooting events like the one they experienced.
A second local fire department will be providing emergency medical services by training firefighters as EMTs to increase ambulance coverage.
Richard Alexander Fuentes, 17, was charged with assault on a public servant and public intoxication after striking a paramedic in her face.
CAMTS–CAMTS EU accredits Embrace Yorkshire & Humber Infant & Children’s Transport Service, and others receive CAMTS accreditation, during October 2017 CAMTS meeting.
Due to a lack of volunteers, the fire department will no longer be able to provide an ambulance service at the beginning of 2018.
Monroe Hospital alleges that their ambulance service transports 95 percent of its patients to a competing hospital in violation of antitrust laws, costing the facility millions of dollars in inpatient revenue.
Due to increased call volumes, a fire department and EMS agency have launched a pilot program to operate a shared back-up ambulance used during peak hours if other vehicles are busy on calls.