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Two Infusions, One Pump


When a major player bowed out of Minnesota’s critical care ground transport market in 2011, another had to step in. Allina Medical Transportation, the ambulance/EMS wing of the state’s large Allina Health network, had a lot of ramping up to do, including procuring new equipment like multichannel infusion pumps.

In that limited market, they found an impressive newcomer in B. Braun Medical’s BodyGuard CME 121 Twins.

“It has a lot of positives,” says Operations Supervisor Roger Skic. “It’s compact and easy to carry. You can throw two or three in a jump bag and keep them charged up and ready for when you need them. And the battery life is extraordinary—probably 6–8 hours without having to recharge, which is excellent compared to others I’ve used.”

The BodyGuard CME 121 Twins allows dual infusions through a single device, with a high flow rate (up to 1,200 mL/hr.) that enables a broad range of therapies. A customizable drug library speeds programming and helps avert errors, and a petite design helps preserve limited ambulance space.

With very sick patients who need multiple medications—and some of Allina’s can require as many 10 drips—that flexibility in administration is essential.

“The drug library comes with some defaults, but we changed those for our drugs and concentrations,” says Skic. “That makes it easy for a clinician to go in and choose specific drugs and know they’re not making an error. So it really is kind of a ‘smart’ pump, if you put your own drug library into it.”

Skic also notes the BodyGuard’s toughness; “I think it’s construction is a bit more robust than other multichannel pumps I’ve used,” he says. “The hinges and doors are very solid, and the tubing sets are easy to use.”

Allina has obtained a half dozen and has plans for that many more.


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