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How's Your Funny Bone?


If you have been involved with EMS for more than a few years, then you have likely read an article by Steve Berry, heard him speak at a conference, rode a bike next to him, and/or most likely of all, seen one of his cartoons. And finally, after years of chiding and cajoling I’m excited to finally welcome Steve to the pages of EMS World Magazine.

Steve started “doodling” EMS cartoons back in the late 1980s as a means of “dealing with the daily stresses that are inherent in our profession.” He had no intention to distribute or share his satire beyond his own service, but quickly saw the positive impact the illustrations had on his fellow crew members.

Steve gives us all a positive outlet for our stress and a way to vent frustration rather than taking it out on our patients or coworkers.  He brings camaraderie to the ranks and lightheartedness to stressful situations, as we recall Steve’s lampooning.  We can laugh to ourselves and spike the saline rather than our own blood pressure.

That’s why we are pleased to not only start featuring a monthly cartoon, but also offer his many volumes of books for sale through our EMS World Store ( In addition, Steve will be offering his unique therapeutic humor again at EMS World Expo in Nashville, November 9–13.

Please join me in welcoming Steve to EMS World Magazine!

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