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Binder Lift is Ideal for Lifting Elderly Patients


Do you believe in love at first sight?

Cupid’s arrow may not have literally struck Tammy Whitham, a firemedic with Clearwater (FL) Fire & Rescue, but when she first saw the Binder Lift she instantly knew she had to have it for her department.

“What an awesome tool for our toolbox,” Whitham says. “For me, I was drawn to it for a couple of reasons—one, you have two points of contact when lifting the patient so you use better lifting techniques, and two, it provides a barrier between you and the patient.”

Binder Lift harnesses are compact, lightweight, fully portable lift devices that allow from one to nine individuals to assist in the lifting process. The harness was specifically designed for EMS, firefighter and healthcare personnel who may not have access to a mechanical lift device and yet deserve to have a safer way to lift. The dynamic nature of the design allows the “lifters” to gain a secure grip while being positioned to make a proper lift. Doing this protects them from injury and provides the patient the dignity of being helped, without invading personal space.

Whitham, who actually was the first customer to make an online purchase of the Binder Lift in January 2013, says the device has proven very effective in the field, taking less than a minute to apply.

“I’ve had several of my frequent lift-assist patients say the Binder Lift was very comfortable for them,” Whitham notes. “Being in Florida, we have a huge elderly population. It’s not always possible to tug on their shoulders, and they get that real fine, paper skin that tears so easily; by applying this device it takes those issues right out of the equation.

“I would totally recommend this product to any agency,” Whitham adds enthusiastically. “As the fire service and EMS continue to grow and evolve, why wouldn’t you want a tool for your toolbox that not only benefits the patient but also helps you to reduce injuries?”

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