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Patient Care

Easier Lifting and Loading of Patients


EMS poses a lot of injury risk to the people who deliver it, and the employees of Colorado’s Grand County EMS aren’t an exception. Specifically, loading patients had contributed to a number of rotator cuff injuries among its providers.

When Chief Ray Jennings, Jr. and his staff discovered a safer way to lift and load those patients, they didn’t hesitate to bring it to their service. This year they’ve added Ferno’s iN∫X Patient Transport & Loading System to several of their trucks.

“It looked very cool, and at the same time it looked like something that could meet our desire for an automated cot,” says Jennings. “When we actually had the opportunity to evaluate it, we knew it was the right device for us.”

The iN∫X functionally eliminates lifting, with an independent x-frame design that automates raising, lowering, loading and unloading of patient loads up to 700 lbs. Its load height can be programmed to match the ambulance. High-speed extension and retraction speeds the process, and dual powered actuators maximize stability to protect against tips.

The iN∫X’s  independent x-frame design also allows it to “crawl” over obstacles without the medics having to lift. Additional attributes include an integrated charging system; LCD display with battery charge indicator; continuous and flashing lights; and a sealed memory-foam mattress to maximize patient comfort.

Grand County added the iN∫X to its three new trucks this year, and will work toward outfitting its entire fleet.

“It’s been handy for us on a number of occasions,” says Jennings. “When you’re busy loading the truck up, and you have a patient and a lot of equipment, it frees up some hands. It’s made it very efficient and easy to load and unload every patient, and it works especially well when you get to the heavier patients. You don’t have to have four or six people to try to lift the stretcher.

“I think it’ll be a great wellness device for our providers.”

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