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As critical care strategies continue to develop, new products are needed to accommodate serious injuries.

XSTAT from RevMedx provides just that.

XSTAT is a device designed for the treatment of gunshot and shrapnel wounds. A group of small, rapidly expanding sponges is injected into a wound, and within 20 seconds of contact with blood the sponges grow and create a temporary barrier for bloodflow and provide hemostatic pressure.

The sponges are put into the wound using a syringe-like applicator.

Lillian Lockwood, an ER physician and participant in the disaster medicine section of the American College of Emergency Physicians, says she came across the product during a mass shooting disaster simulation.

“XSTAT was an excellent, innovative product to use during that,” Lockwood says.

Lockwood says the product is meant for treating non-compressible junctional wounds, and she would recommend XSTAT for use in those situations.

XSTAT is meant for wounds in the groin or axilla that are not accessible for tourniquet application in adults or adolescents.

Lockwood says XSTAT fits well into EMS because it’s fast, easy and allows you to work on other parts of the patient.

“It frees up your hands to do other things,” Lockwood says. “If you get the XSTAT in, you’re not having to hold compression.”

Lockwood says the product fills a gap in care that has been created by the recent uptick in mass shooting incidents.

“It’s a fascinating idea and a fascinating new concept,” Lockwood says.

XSTAT has previously been featured on CNN, ABC, PBS, CBS and in other various publications.

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