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ImageTrend Elite Receives Latest NEMSIS Version 3.4 Compliance

LAKEVILLE, MINN. - ImageTrend, Inc. announced it has passed testing and received NEMSIS Version 3.4 compliance certification for ImageTrend Elite™. The Elite platform is compliant for both the Collect (ePCR) and Receive & Process (State) designations as of December 23, 2015. All Elite EMS systems are now able to receive and export to either NEMSIS v3.3.4 or v3.4 formats for greater flexibility.

“We are proud to offer an end-to-end solution for healthcare data,” remarked Dan Vanorny, Vice President of EMS and Fire. “Agencies and states alike are starting to do more with this new standard, linking pre-hospital 911 call data with post-discharge outcomes and mobile integrated healthcare.”

Becoming NEMSIS version 3.4 compliant in both the end-user data collection and state-based repository systems allows ImageTrend to continue to integrate with the latest standards throughout the healthcare industry. In addition to the NEMSIS standard, recent integrations with hospitals, HIEs, and other data exchanges – including HL7 standard exports – allows the company to provide a continuum of healthcare data. This patient-centric approach is designed to allow for better metrics and research in order to improve all healthcare delivery.

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