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The 2018 EMS World Innovation Award Winners

EMS World is proud to announce the recipients of the 2018 EMS World Innovation Awards. This award program recognizes the industry’s most pioneering products of the year that were on full display at the 2018 EMS World Expo, held Oct. 29–Nov. 2 in Nashville, Tenn.

An independent panel of judges consisting of EMS World editorial advisory board members and EMS World Expo faculty met one-on-one with company representatives to demo each entry, learn about its application, and determine whether it was worthy of this esteemed honor. Preview the products and services our judging panel deemed the most innovative developments in EMS this year. And mark your calendars for EMS World Expo 2019, to be held Oct. 14–18 in New Orleans.

Vie Scope

  • This patented laryngoscope secures the airway in emergency situations, making intubation faster, safer, and less expensive. The Vie Scope consists of a plastic pistol-grip handle with a clear plastic trumpet-like tube that flares out from the handle. The design offers EMS responders the unique ability to handle all adult intubations using only one laryngoscope. Direct line-of-sight view lowers patient complications as well as saving time, money, and lives.
  • Judges' feedback: “Cost effective. Light. Disposable. You can use with any hand in any direction.”
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Braun Industries
MasterTech FleetConnect

  • MasterTech FleetConnect is an ambulance-specific connectivity platform designed to lengthen vehicle life and empower remote maintenance in real time. MasterTech FleetConnect allows for 24/7 remote support from a customer’s dealer and Braun directly to diagnose vehicle issues and reduce downtime. It will monitor the chassis and engine network for preventive and predictive maintenance, and monitor and update the electrical system inside the ambulance for a holistic view of the vehicle.
  • Judges' feedback: “Very cool tech to help monitor vehicle status.”
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  • The X-Collar from Emegear features a new collar design that ensures increased airway and cervical stabilization. The system prevents blood flow restriction to and from the brain and provides better immobilization than a conventional c-collar with head blocks and backboard. The X-Collar covers a wide range of patient sizes, from 18 to 400+ pounds, and is specifically designed for prehospital patient care.
  • Judges' feedback: “Interesting design and very good concept. Love the option to customize the collar to splint in place!”
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EVS, Ltd.
Backpack Belting System

  • The EVS Backpack Belting System was designed for comfort, range of movement, and above all safety. The system meets or exceeds FMVSS and SAE standards. EMTs and paramedics can easily put on the Backpack in seconds. It is available on a wide variety of seating models, including child-insert seats and fold-down seats for second-patient transport.
  • Judges' feedback: “Very good system. Love it especially for the bench seat design.”
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Innovative Tactical Training Solutions 

  • The VPIT system integrates augmented reality with a high-fidelity human patient simulator for a dynamic visual learning experience. Student-worn HoloLens goggles overlay an augmented-reality image of an injured patient onto a high-fidelity human simulator with injuries that mirror what’s seen through the goggles. Scenario packages include TCCC, CBRNE, and explosive injuries.
  • Judges' feedback: “Cool technology and an upgrade to prior simulation manikins.”
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Julota Community

  • With the Julota system, EMS crews can instantly connect with any resource, service, or organization in the community to initiate referrals for patients. Julota was developed to simplify the way EMS connects patients to other care organizations. It enables quick on-site referrals without phone calls or paperwork, leading to reduced high-utilizer calls and improved community health.
  • Judges' feedback: “Wonderful platform for coordinating social service resources for EMS and MIH-CP.”
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K9 Medic
K9 + Handler FAK

  • A compact, weatherproof package containing emergency components to treat both human responders and their K9 partners, the K9 + Handler FAK is based on more than a decade of supporting K9 handlers and their four‑legged partners. The kit features best-in-class, field-proven emergency components, is weatherproof and vacuum-sealed, and is compact enough to carry with you all day, every day.
  • Judges' feedback: “Nice kit to treat our K9 friends—this has been needed for a long time.”
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KARL STORZ Endoscopy-America, Inc. 
C-MAC Video Stylet

  • The C-MAC Video Stylet is a completely new type of video endoscope. Thanks to its sheath and deflectable tip, the stylet combines the advantages of both rigid and flexible intubation endoscopes. The C-MAC can be connected easily to the C-MAC monitor and Pocket Monitor without requiring any additional light source and camera. Great for c-spine, limited mouth opening, airway obstruction, and more. Providers can use the stylet either midline or retromolar. 
  • Judges' feedback: “Love this. Great tech, a revolutionary airway management device.”
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Laerdal Medical Corp.
Resusci Junior QCPR

  • The Resusci Junior QCPR is a full-body pediatric manikin providing highly detailed real-time and summative feedback on CPR performance. New features include an improved compression mechanism, realistic ventilation for BVM and mouth-to-mouth ventilation—chest rise, neck tilt, and optional audible feedback—and new electronics including Bluetooth Low Energy and sensors. A training mat doubles as carrying bag.
  • Judges' feedback: “A nice system to monitor CPR performance on smaller patients.”
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Video Services

  • The Lytx video platform helps EMS fleets sharpen their focus on safety and boost operational efficiencies, productivity, and security. DriveCam powered by Lytx is a comprehensive program for improving driver behavior and reducing collisions, claims costs, and fuel use. RAIR Compliance Services help DOT-regulated fleets comply with safety regulations, complementing the DriveCam program. 
  • Judges' feedback: “A unique way to monitor driver performance and safeguard EMS providers.”
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MedCognition, Inc. 

  • The PerSim from MedCognition is an augmented-reality technology designed to provide highly realistic clinical simulations specifically for the prehospital professional. PerSim is an affordable, portable, and highly realistic patient simulator that can be used nearly anywhere—in a store, on an ambulance, in a plane, or on the side of the road—allowing prehospital providers to train where they work. 
  • Judges' feedback: “This is a major improvement in patient simulation.”
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Mercury Medical
Flow-Safe II+

  • A disposable bilevel and CPAP system in one, the Flow-Safe II+ includes an adjustable, deluxe full-face mask and a manometer for verifying CPAP and bilevel iPAP and ePAP pressures. Setup is easy—just attach the oxygen tubing to an oxygen source. 
  • Judges' feedback: “This system has a lot of potential for prehospital care.”
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Mercury Medical
Small Adult Bag with LiteSaver

  • The Small Adult Bag with LiteSaver Manometer from Mercury Medical delivers successful ventilation with appropriate rate, volume, and pressure in one self-inflating manual resuscitator. The bag addresses rate (integrated blinking light every 6 seconds), volume (smaller, 1,000-ml bag), and pressure (manometer), all in one self-inflating manual resuscitator. The Small Adult Bag streamlines inventory, saving space and costs by eliminating the need to purchase multiple bag sizes.
  • Judges' feedback: “A great improvement over the regular-size adult BVM. I like the adjuncts to the bag such as the light and the manometer.”
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Moulage Concepts 
MasterCast Medical-Trauma

  • The MasterCast Medical-Trauma series from Moulage Concepts is a vividly detailed and interactive training system to assist responders in identifying and triaging in prehospital, clinical, trauma, and MCI events. Handcrafted from movie-quality silicone by master artists, MasterCast Moulage combines Hollywood quality with medical science. MasterCast odors and wound drainage may be added to create infectious processes, debridement, tunneling, and packing realism.  
  • Judges' feedback: “I love the idea of a smell library!”
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North American Rescue LLC
S.P.E.A.R. (Simplified Pneumothorax Emergency Air Release)

  • The North American Rescue S.P.E.A.R. was designed to improve insertion safety with controlled entry in the management of tension pneumothorax. The needle tip was specifically designed to improve penetration through varied tissue thicknesses while allowing the operator to feel entry into the thoracic cavity. A quarter-turn lock between the needle and catheter prevents documented insertion failure, while a soft-tipped catheter decreases visceral pleura injury.
  • Judges' feedback: “Great device. Needed, simple, affordable. Will require some training and protocol changes to allow for use.”
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Scenarios in Seconds

  • A hands-on training program presenting 52 real-life scenarios to improve pediatric emergency care, Scenarios in Seconds from Pedi-Ed-Trics is a visual and hands-on training program that encourages regular reviews that use your system’s pediatric “cheat sheets” (Broselow, Handtevy, etc.). Scenarios are coupled with nine life-size “Mani-Kids” (newborns to teens) to guide the development of crucial muscle memory skills. 
  • Judges' feedback: “I really loved this. Simple, portable, effective. Allows for useful training in many different settings with minimal setup and planning.”
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  • The Pulmodyne GO-PAP is a disposable emergency CPAP device that runs off the barbed valve outlet on an O2 source. Operates at 10 liters per minute and delivers approximately 30% FiO2. Options of 5, 7.5, and 10 cm of PEEP are independent of flow, so providers never have to worry about adjusting flow to maintain PEEP levels. On a full D-cylinder tank, the GO-PAP will run for approximately 40 minutes.  
  • Judges' feedback: “Excellent device. Straightforward, portable, simple. This would be a great addition to many ambulances.”
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Pulsara Platform

  • A mobile platform connecting clinicians and emergency departments to enhance patient outcomes by improving communication and coordination, the easy-to-adopt Pulsara Platform connects the emergency response team with a tap, leaving behind the communication complexity that slows critical care.  
  • Judges' feedback: “Great platform. Once systems are integrated, this appears to be quite effective.”
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Z-Vent Portable Ventilator

  • The ZOLL Z-Vent is an intuitive portable ventilator weighing under 10 lbs., yet rugged enough for military standards. The unique SmartHelp technology helps users through alarm resolution. The Z-Vent features startup settings for pediatrics and adults. With Plateau Pressure and inverse I:E ratio, EMS providers can tailor patient needs for high-acuity and ARDS.
  • Judges' feedback: “Great device for portable ventilation for all types of patients.”
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Zyno Solutions
Nimbus II EMS

  • A compact and easy-to-use transport IV pump with an intuitive software, the Nimbus II EMS weighs only 6.14 oz. and is as small as some smart phones. The electronic infusion system provides portability and leaves a small footprint in the vehicle. Intuitive software allows for 12 custom protocols, software safeguards, weight-based and continuous modes, and many other features designed specifically for prehospital care.
  • Judges' feedback: “I really like this—simple, tiny, durable. Would be easier and better to use than many existing pumps.”
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