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The EMS World Work Environment Survey

Are you a satisfied and appreciated EMS employee? When you entered the field, did you plan to retire as an EMS provider?

In April 2019, EMS World launched its Work Environment Survey to profile the current state of EMS employment, benefits, retention and job satisfaction. We heard from providers across the country in all job environments and circumstances—rookies and those nearing retirement, full time and volunteer, clinicians and researchers. The results provided a look at the current state of the EMS workforce and the backgrounds of those in it.

These graphs break down the responses to key industry questions. Results are current through May 1, 2019. Following the graphs of the Work Environment Survey are updated results from the EMS World Salary Survey, which examined EMS wages across job titles, settings and regions across the country. A total of 1306 responses were returned.

EMS World thanks FireStats for their assistance in building the survey and quantifying the data. Look for more survey results via regular “State of the Industry” reports in the coming months!

Industry Salary Map

In May 2018, EMS World unveiled the EMS industry’s first salary calculator. Since that time, over 4200 users have entered their salary information, location, job title, education level, and other variables to create an all-inclusive profile of EMS wages across the country.

This article presents the salary results of EMTs and paramedics broken down by region and current as of May 1, 2019. Wage information was not adjusted for cost of living. Visit to enter your anonymous salary information and view customized results modifiable by demographic selectors.

EMS World thanks FireStats for their assistance with these survey calculators.


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