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EMS World Innovation Awards 2019: Meet the Finalists

EMS World is proud to present the finalists for the 2019 EMS World Innovation Awards. The Innovation Awards program recognizes the industry’s most pioneering products of the year that have the potential to transform EMS care.

An independent panel of judges consisting of EMS World editorial advisory board members evaluated each entry on its innovation, features, and applicability to EMS care. Products must be new or have undergone significant design changes since August 2018.

From this pool of 30 finalists, judges will meet one-on-one with company representatives at EMS World Expo to demo each product, learn about its application, and determine whether it is worthy of this esteemed honor. The 20 top-scoring products will be named 2019 Innovation Award winners and profiled in the December 2019 issue of EMS World.

If you’re attending EMS World Expo in New Orleans Oct. 14–18, visit the following exhibitors to see how their products, technologies, and services will transform the delivery of prehospital care. 

Here are the finalists for 2019, listed in alphabetical order. EMS World congratulates the finalists for this accomplishment.

American Red Cross: First Aid for Opioid Overdoses

  • Booth 568
  • Straightforward 45-minute online session informs the public how to identify signs of a suspected overdose as well as appropriate care based on patient presentations.

American Red Cross: Resuscitation Suite Program

  • Booth 568
  • Blended BLS, ALS, and PALS course delivers flexibility on any device and challenges critical decision-making with the latest science in a shorter overall course time.

Armor Express: Triton Steel Plate With Spall Guard Technology

  • Booth 1152
  • Multi-shot rated, polyurea-coated, 2018 DEA-certified plate is certified to level III with a III+ rating and fits into the rifle plate pocket of your plate carrier or body armor carrier.

Biomedix: P01-102 Pressure Rated Extension Set

  • Booth 537
  • Neutral, needleless pressure extension set measures 8 inches, tolerates high pressures, and features neutral needleless connector, slide clamp, and Luer lock.

CAE Healthcare: AresAR for Microsoft HoloLens

  • Booth 1720
  • Integrates augmented-reality scenarios to establish the crucial link between interventions and vital signs using holographic signs and physiology.

Cambridge Sensors USA: Microdot Carbon Monoxide Breath Analyzer

  • Booth 952
  • A simple breath test establishes carbon monoxide levels in a subject’s blood. Can be used on multiple patients with minimal effort.

Canada Rope and Twine Ltd.: Night Saver Rescue Rope

  • Booth 469
  • Features include an illuminating cover with bright reflective filaments and an optional polypropylene core for buoyancy during water rescues.

CompX Security Products: NARC iD Inventory Control System

  • Booth 529
  • Automatic enrolling and inventory control of narcotics in a mobile or fixed environment. Audit trail shows door openings and closings, who accessed it, expiration dates, and much more.

EM Innovations Inc.: SEADUC—Suction Easy with SSCOR DuCanto Catheter

  • Booth 639
  • Pairs the Suction Easy disposable emergency suction unit with the SSCOR DuCanto catheter to enable the SALAD airway clearing technique without batteries or electricity.

Ferno: KangooFix Neonatal Restraint System

  • Booth 561
  • Safely envelops a newborn during noncritical ambulance transport, allowing parents to travel with infants up to 11.1 pounds.

Fire Armor LLC: First Responder Ballistic Vest

  • Booth 1639
  • One-size-fits-all system is worn over the uniform and provides maximum protection in front, back, and side coverage, utilizing III-A soft armor with optional added rifle plates.

GD: E-Bridge Interpreter

  • Booth 552
  • Fast, HIPAA-secure, FirstNet-listed video connection to accredited interpreters eliminates the language barrier between providers and patients.

GE Healthcare: Vscan Extend R2 With Dual Probe

  • Booth 238
  • Handheld point-of-care ultrasound system fits easily in a jump bag pocket, and built-in protocols efficiently capture clear images when time counts.

Henry Schein: MedPod MobileDoc

  • Booth 327
  • Portable diagnostic cart folds into a 21-inch suitcase and meets all requirements for CMS parity and Medicare ET3 needs.

I.M. Lab: CPR Add-on Kit

  • Booth 641
  • An efficient and immersive CPR training experience with real-time CPR feedback is controlled via an app and can be retroffited to multiple brands of manikins.

IMMI: Per4Max

  • Booth 1436
  • Game-changing four-point restraint system allows crew members to reach, stretch, and even stand up if necessary. Includes exclusive controlled deceleration technology.

iSimulate: REALITi 360 CPR

  • Booth 909
  • CPR module provides detailed, real-time visual feedback on CPR quality. Reports can be generated, saved, printed, or e-mailed.

Life Giving Warmth: Kodiak Battery-Powered Heating Blanket

  • Booth 761
  • Patented 5-by-6-foot portable battery-operated heating blanket delivers 6 hours of steady, continual heat.

LogRx: Medication Tracking & Inventory Management

  • Booth 446
  • Real-time medication tracking via smartphone or tablet, leveraging secure capabilities such as geolocating, user verifications, time stamping, and detailed analytics.

Mobile Power: Power Management Interface PMI Option

  • Booth 1751
  • Adding the PMI to Mobile Power’s idle-reducing technology automatically manages your vehicle’s 120V load by using engine power to recharge its batteries while driving.

North American Rescue: Quantum Blood & Fluid Warming System

  • Booth 619
  • Whole-blood delivery system consists of thermal administration sets, adjustable power, and sensing elements to ensure consistent normothermic fluid delivery.

PerSys Medical: Flexible Tip Bougie

  • Booth 752
  • Universal, disposable, articulating bougie for use with adult oral endotracheal tube features one-handed operation with maneuverable tip.

Philips: Lumify With Integrated Tele-Ultrasound

  • Booth 1601
  • Durable app-based mobile ultrasound takes communications and high-quality portable ultrasound to a new level with live streaming and video call capabilities.

Prodigy EMS: Prodigy EMS Learning Management System

  • Booth 1452
  • Advanced tracking makes recertification easier, and engaging content with multi-camera video format supplements simulations and case discussions for a true CE experience.

Pulsara: EMS-to-EMS Handoff

  • Booth 1434
  • Popular mobile technology platform now extends to other critical team members, allowing exchange of images, audio, stroke scores, scene information, and more.

REX Rapid Extraction: RexOne 

  • Booth 465
  • Reengineered mobile stretcher features updated ergonomic positioning, 20-inch all-terrain airless wheels, solid steel telescoping handle, multi-angle IV pole, integrated descent control system, and more.

SafeBVM: SIP Safety Accessory

  • Booth 250
  • The SIP Safety Accessory prevents gastric insufflation during manual ventilation by ensuring optimal pressure and air flow.

Simulator Solutions LLC: Rollover Simulator

  • Booth 1561
  • Durable welded steel construction with gear box and brake design allows realistic and practical experience in vehicle rescue scenarios.

Technimount System: Cardiatek

  • Booth 721
  • Universal high-density aluminum mounting system complies with highest safety standards and mounts to the Automatic Impella Controller from Abiomed on surface, floor, cot/stretcher, and wall systems.

ZeroRPM: Ambulance Idle Mitigation System

  • Booth 1301
  • Produced in partnership with the REV Ambulance Group, the IMS automatically shuts down the vehicle’s engine while in park, yet provides continual use of all controls via auto-charged batteries.


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