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The 2019 EMS World Innovation Award Winners

EMS World is proud to announce the recipients of the 2019 EMS World Innovation Awards. This award program recognizes the industry’s most pioneering products of the year that were on full display at EMS World Expo 2019, Oct. 14–18 in New Orleans.

An independent panel of judges consisting of EMS World editorial advisory board members and EMS World Expo faculty met one-on-one with company representatives to demo each entry, learn about its application, and determine whether it was worthy of this esteemed honor. Preview the products and services our judging panel deemed the most innovative developments in EMS this year. And mark your calendars for EMS World Expo 2020, to be held Sept. 14–18 in Las Vegas.

American Red Cross: First Aid for Opioid Overdoses

Straightforward 45-minute online session informs the public how to identify signs of a suspected overdose as well as appropriate care based on patient presentations. Instructions for participants include how to administer naloxone using several different delivery methods.

JUDGES’ FEEDBACK: “This is a very interesting course design. I would like to see the option for large organizations (such as school districts) to be able to access the content of this course.”


Biomedix: Pressure Extension Set

Neutral, needleless pressure extension set measures 8 inches, tolerates high pressures, and features neutral needleless connector, slide clamp, and Luer lock. The pressure set eliminates the risk of leaks and ruptures that can happen when using a non-pressurized extension set.

JUDGES’ FEEDBACK: “The innovation of using a slightly more expensive lock on those patients that are very likely to need PCI, resulting in reduced time to reperfusion, makes a lot of sense.”


CAE Healthcare: AresAR for Microsoft HoloLens

Integrates augmented-reality scenarios to establish the crucial link between interventions and vital signs using holographic signs and physiology. This unprecedented simulation-based training experience allows learners to interact and move freely within a clinical training environment that is augmented with holograms.

JUDGES’ FEEDBACK: “The graphics on this VR simulator are far better than any other simulator I have seen.”


Cambridge Sensors USA: Microdot Carbon Monoxide Breath Analyzer

A simple breath test establishes carbon monoxide levels in a subject’s blood. Can be used on multiple patients with minimal effort. Results instantly displayed in % COHb or PPM for easy interpretation. Hard-shelled carry case with mouthpieces allows easy storage and transportation.

JUDGES’ FEEDBACK: “A terrific rapid assessment tool for all first responders when time and safety are critical.”


CompX Security Products: NARC iD Inventory Control System

Automatic enrolling and inventory control of narcotics in a mobile or fixed environment. Audit trail shows door openings and closings, who accessed it, expiration dates, and much more. Provides DEA compliance and seamlessly integrates with the eLock and NARC Box from CompX.

JUDGES’ FEEDBACK: “Cool technology and an upgrade to other narcotic tracking products.”


EM Innovations Inc.: SEADUC—Suction Easy with SSCOR DuCanto Catheter

Pairs the Suction Easy disposable emergency suction unit with the SSCOR DuCanto catheter to enable the SALAD airway clearing technique without batteries or electricity. SEADUC effectively removes vomit, blood and other materials while the practitioner manages the patient’s airway with basic or advanced life support procedures, such as an oral airway or tracheal intubation.

JUDGES’ FEEDBACK: “This device was powerful and easy to use. Highly recommend.”


Ferno: KangooFix Neonatal Restraint System

Safely envelops a newborn during noncritical ambulance transport, allowing parents to travel with infants up to 11.1 pounds. A 5-point outer harness attaches to the ambulance cot harness. Quick-release system allows fast access for EMS professionals. Snug cocoon design and integrated skull cap keeps baby warm and secure. Lightweight, easy to store and clean. Meets international test standards.

JUDGES’ FEEDBACK: “A much-needed upgrade for safe transport for mother and baby, without having to use two ambulances and crews.”


GD: E-Bridge Interpreter

Fast, HIPAA-secure, FirstNet-listed video connection to accredited, medically qualified interpreters eliminates the language barrier between patients, EMS, emergency physicians, remote care providers and patients with a simple click.

JUDGES’ FEEDBACK: “This app guides users through telehealth protocols and provides a mechanism for real-time interpretation of over 240 languages. The app integrates with ePCR systems and improves documentation, reduces the time needed for medical consults on the radio, and provides feedback to EMS personnel. I like this app.”


GE Healthcare: Vscan Extend R2 with Dual Probe

Handheld point-of-care ultrasound system fits easily in a jump bag pocket, and built-in protocols efficiently capture clear images when time counts.

JUDGES’ FEEDBACK: “I loved this device. I think it has lots of application and potential for EMS and out-of-hospital care models. One of the neatest features is the dual-ended probe, which cuts down on the weight and size of the unit. I also really liked that the unit incorporates artificial intelligence into its calculations and estimations. Finally, the unit can send an ultrasound in real time for evaluation by a physician. This is a game-changer as far as I’m concerned.”


Henry Schein: MedPod MobileDoc

Portable diagnostic cart folds into a 21-inch suitcase and meets all requirements for CMS parity and Medicare ET3 needs. MobileDoc integrates best-in-class professional medical-grade devices with state-of-the-art HD video and EHR connectivity. Providers can provide care remotely that is on par with an in-person visit, including conducting basic exams, checking vitals, and performing specialty testing—breaking the boundaries of traditional care.

JUDGES’ FEEDBACK: “Truly innovative. Great for patients who are homebound or elderly. A terrific tool for MIH services.”


I.M. Lab: CPR Add-On Kit

An efficient and immersive CPR training experience with real-time CPR feedback is controlled via an app and can be retrofitted to multiple brands of manikins.

JUDGES’ FEEDBACK: “This device is an add-on that can be inserted in most CPR manikins to make them ‘recording’ manikins. The device provides electronic feedback on depth, recoil, speed of compressions, the depth and timing of ventilations, and hands-off time of CPR provided by students. The system is very modestly priced and will inexpensively convert a ‘dumb’ dummy to a smart dummy. I see its application limited to CPR instructors.”


iSimulate: REALITi 360 CPR

Train anywhere at any time. REALITi360 is a modular simulation ecosystem incorporating a patient simulator, CPR feedback and video in a single system. CPR module provides detailed, real-time visual feedback on CPR quality. Reports can be generated, saved, printed,
or e-mailed.

JUDGES’ FEEDBACK: “iSimulate has made some great strides to cut costs of training and ensure realism with EMS-centric devices. Very impressed with what they have done in past couple of years. The new CPR module and the hard cases are good improvements.”


LogRx: Medication Tracking & Inventory Management

Real-time medication tracking via smartphone or tablet, leveraging secure capabilities such as geolocating, user verifications, time stamping, and detailed analytics.

JUDGES’ FEEDBACK: “This app tracks distribution and usage of drugs by unit or medic. It provides much-needed management information to EMS supervisors and quality assurance officers. The data the system generates can project usage and provide reminders about when to order resupplies of drugs used by EMS personnel. The cost is low enough that it could be easily adopted for use by almost all ALS agencies.”


North American Rescue: Quantum Blood & Fluid Warming System

Whole-blood delivery system consists of thermal administration sets, adjustable power, and sensing elements to ensure consistent normothermic fluid delivery. The Quantum system has an operational weight of just 22 total ounces, yet can deliver two units of 39°F whole blood at 100 mL/min with an output temperature of 100.4°F with only a 24 second warm-up period.

JUDGES’ FEEDBACK: “Great device, portable, lightweight. Battery appears durable, given previous military development. Good market for civilians, given the growing use of this product in the field. ”


PerSys Medical: Flexible Tip Bougie

Universal, disposable, articulating bougie for use with adult oral endotracheal tube features one-handed operation with maneuverable tip. The Flexible Tip Bougie makes navigating difficult airways easier and promotes faster and successful intubation. An articulating rounded flex tip makes navigation between the vocal cords easier. Smooth silicon tip minimizes the risk of tracheal trauma during intubation. Features graduating centimeter marks from 10–50 cm (65 cm overall length).

JUDGES’ FEEDBACK: “A very slick and maneuverable bougie.”


Philips: Lumify with Integrated Tele-Ultrasound

Portable ultrasound app brings diagnostic capabilities to your compatible smart mobile devices. Durable app-based mobile ultrasound takes communications and high-quality portable ultrasound to a new level with live streaming and video call capabilities. With Lumify, high-quality portable ultrasound is available almost anywhere. Just purchase or subscribe, download the Lumify app, plug in the transducer, and you’re set.

JUDGES’ FEEDBACK: “Very innovative with its video capabilities.”


REX Rapid Extraction: RexOne 

Reengineered mobile stretcher features updated ergonomic positioning, 20-inch all-terrain airless wheels, solid steel telescoping handle, multi-angle IV pole, integrated descent control system, and more.

JUDGES’ FEEDBACK: “This device is incredible and long overdue. This has the potential to improve rescues and removal, not just in remote/wilderness areas but also large indoor areas such as airports and public transit systems. It is a great addition to any service covering these types of environments.”


Safe BVM: SIP Safety Accessory

The SIP Safety Accessory prevents gastric insufflation during manual ventilation by ensuring optimal pressure and air fl ow.

JUDGES’ FEEDBACK: “This regulator is truly innovative. They have identified a clear need and provided a simple and effective solution. This device is easy to use and affordable. It should be mandatory equipment for most EMS units and I wouldn’t be surprised if a larger BVM company buys them to incorporate this into their BVMs.”


Simulator Solutions LLC: Rollover Simulator

Durable welded steel construction with gear box and brake design allows realistic and practical experience in vehicle rescue scenarios.

JUDGES’ FEEDBACK: “This rotating car accident simulator is simply brilliant. This would be a great add for larger training centers, though I do worry about the ability of smaller organizations to purchase and house one. It does require a fair amount of space and investment, likely with some additional liability concerns. That said, I would have loved to train on something like this and can think of many scenarios I could create with it.”


Technimount System: Cardiatek

Universal high-density aluminum mounting system complies with highest safety standards and mounts
to the Automatic Impella Controller from Abiomed on surface, floor, cot/stretcher, and wall systems. Designed for ambulances, helicopters, and military vehicles.

JUDGES’ FEEDBACK: “This company continues to provide high-quality and needed solutions to mounting medical equipment. The need to safely mount objects continues to grow, and they have managed to keep up with the times. This newest model is compatible with their other devices and solves the problem many agencies are having with mounting the Impella.”


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