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ImageTrend Kicks Off Virtual Connect, Introduces App

With its audience of users scattered at homes and stations rather than collected as usual in Minnesota, ImageTrend kicked off its 2020 Connect user conference Monday virtually and with some big news: the launch of its Aware mobile app. The company’s director of clinical services, Doug Butler, Jr., described the app and its functions in an online introductory session.

The app brings together various ImageTrend solutions into a single platform to help users manage not only their professional lives but aspects of their personal lives as well. It pulls information from key company products like ImageTrend Elite, ImageTrend License Management, and, soon, ImageTrend Slate, even across multiple agencies. It’s included for free in all contracts and “is a tool we really want you to use,” said Butler.

Aware must be activated for use within the Elite package by a system administrator. Users then create their accounts. They’ll need credentials with every use, as Aware doesn’t store data on the device.

The app starts with a dashboard that provides a series of quick links: to associated accounts; live-time incidents; licensing information; ImageTrend Connect; and the company’s CrewCare wellness app. The first connects users to the Elite, License Management, and forthcoming Slate platforms. Live information on current incidents comes from CAD data (not Elite) and shows details such as time, status, and units dispatched, along with turn-by-turn directions to the scene.

Additional modules provide inbox messages from Elite and news/product announcements. A module due in September will let users document lifetime infectious-disease exposures using a personal e-mail that can follow them even if they change departments. Other planned enhancements include preplan access on mobile devices; incident record and post statuses; push notifications on designated incidents; and specification of responding personnel.

Aware, the company says, “is not a mobile ePCR solution but a hub to access the information most relevant and important to you.” It’s available from the Apple App Store and Google Play.

Slate, ImageTrend’s new operations management public-safety solution, is also due in the fall. It will let users manage schedules from anywhere; seek, regulate, and approve shift trades; and access and manage certifications.

The Connect conference continues through Friday. For more:,

John Erich is the senior editor of EMS World.


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