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EMS World Innovation Awards 2020: Meet the Finalists

EMS World is proud to present the finalists for the 2020 EMS World Innovation Awards. The Innovation Awards program recognizes the industry’s most pioneering products of the year that have the potential to transform EMS care.

An independent panel of judges consisting of EMS World editorial advisory board members evaluated each entry on its innovation, features, and applicability to EMS delivery. Products must be new or have undergone significant design changes after August 2019.

From this pool of finalists, judges will meet with company representatives for demonstrations of each product, to learn about its application and determine whether it is worthy of this esteemed honor. The top-scoring products will be named 2020 Innovation Award winners and profiled in the November 2020 issue of EMS World.

If you’re attending EMS World Expo’s virtual event, be sure to visit the following exhibitors to see how their products, technologies, and services will transform the delivery of prehospital care. For more information, visit

Here are the candidates the EMS World judging panel selected as finalists for 2020, listed in alphabetical order.  

3B Scientific

Basic Life Support Simulator BASICBilly+

The BASICBilly+ BLS and CPR manikin comes with a direct CPR feedback upgrade kit that enables students and instructors to train CPR skills with a free, accurate, and user-friendly mobile app. Economical and AHA-compliant, the system can be used as a complete solution to train, monitor, analyze, and debrief CPR performance. The BASICBilly+ syncs with the app using a strong and reliable Bluetooth connection.

Bear Creek Medical


Intublade is a traditionally shaped laryngoscope with a spray system built into the handle to clear the lens of debris. A syringe of saline connected with a Luer lock in the handle sprays fluid onto the lens. No additional training or special equipment is required. Preliminary results of a current IRB-approved study show 100% first-pass intubation success of soiled airways, 65% reduction in time of successful intubation, and superior oropharyngeal views vs. hyperangulated systems.

CAE Healthcare

Ventilator Reskilling Course

Mechanical ventilation is a complex skill that often requires a combination of courses. This adaptive learning course has provided rapid training for more than 2,000 clinicians with varied levels of competency, resulting in better patient outcomes during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond. This 30-minute online adaptive learning course covers respiratory physiology, ventilator functions, and use and goals of ventilators in respiratory failure.


Vehicle Inspection System

The Check-4-It vehicle inspection system now digitally tracks your medications and inventory quantities. In development for over a year, this new feature allows users to track inventory quantities and movement of items from reception to removal. This feature is especially important for controlled substances, which can now be digitally tracked from point of reception to administration or discarding.

First Response Mental Health


A new take on peer support and employee wellness ensures every member has access to resources, tools, and their organization’s peer support team when they need it. The app allows an organization to proactively set a maximum amount of time a member can go without talking to peer support. Organizations receive their own app and a unique URL through which their members can access the tool. Can be synced to an existing dispatch system to automatically engage peer support during certain call types.

Health Scholars

ACLS Virtual Reality Training

Deliver consistent, memorable on-demand training experiences across your entire organization with less overhead. Health Scholars’ newest VR application is designed in accordance with AHA guidelines to complement AHA’s HeartCode training. It instructs participants and validates the competencies to diagnose and resuscitate adults with cardiopulmonary arrest and other common cardiac emergencies.


ImageTrend Elite

Trusted ePCR solution for capturing and storing vital records. One of the most popular features released during the last year lets providers quickly retrieve historical 12-lead EKG images and compare them during a cardiac event. Bringing this technology to a prehospital setting helps clinical decision-making and assists in devising the best treatments en route to the hospital.    


REALITi360 Version 10

iSimulate has added robust new features to its simulation ecosystem, including a new optional remote module to control the monitor, chart, and camera remotely over the internet; optional Zoll EMV+ Ventilator premium screen; slider control option to adjust vital sign parameters; ability to manually send a 12-lead printout from the control; Bluetooth-connected audio; preview toggle to the scenario story editor; additional language support; and much more.

Moulage Concepts

Aoife Training Program

Aoife is an integrative MCI training program for both children and educators. Built alongside a TECC program for first responders, Aoife coloring books and comic books are developed to blend with current training options in a safe learning environment. With a focus on resilience and situational awareness, these interactive concepts provide explorative learning of safety surrounding active shooter, fires, floods, pandemics, and other MCI events.



The SNAP mounting system is a defibrillator mount for EMS personnel on the move. Features include one-handed operation and one-touch lock; 360-degree rotation for user flexibility; secure snap-on mounting with smooth motion; simple, no-assembly installation; durable maintenance-free construction with stainless steel, aluminum, brass, and performance plastics; a stable base; low-profile design; and easy cleaning and decontamination.



The Nonin CO-Pilot Wireless Handheld Multi-Parameter System reliably measures carboxyhemoglobin (COHb), methemoglobin (MetHb), pulse oximetry (SpO2), pulse rate, and cerebral oximetry (rSO2) in even the most challenging conditions. The system eliminates the need for a cable connecting the patient to the monitor, allowing wireless screening from up to 10 meters away.

North American Rescue    

Wound Management Simulator

A rugged part-task trainer for personnel to learn and simulate the essential lifesaving skills of tourniquet application, wound packing, and effective pressure bandage application. Each simulation stump has multiple wound patterns that include severe laceration and penetrating trauma (entrance and exit wounds).


RFID Maintenance Automation 

Strengthen your operation’s compliance by automating the creation of your asset maintenance records. An RFID reader identifies equipment being maintained, repaired, or inspected and creates a maintenance record. Examples include flat surface RFID readers recording maintenance for monitors and ventilators, small mounted RFID units documenting cleaned gear, and multiantenna systems capturing cots or other large assets inside a room. The applications are endless.



Pulsara PATIENT is a mobile provider-to-patient platform that connects patients and approved family members to their care teams instantly on a single channel. EMS personnel simply create a patient channel and add contact information, and the system sends a prepopulated message to the patient’s smart device that prompts them to download the app. From there EMS crews can initiate secure live audio or video calls to assess and advise patients remotely.

Rescue Essentials

Slishman Traction Splint-Compact

Compact and lightweight, the new STS-C is designed for situations in which medical equipment must be packed into difficult or remote locations—search and rescue, special operations, military medicine, and backcountry and wildland firefighting. The STS-C is a more advanced version of the Slishman Traction Splint. One size fits all, less than 13 ounces and 13 inches packed, no loose parts, and fast application even in cases of leg/foot amputation. Includes the Slishman Pressure Wrap to assist with rotational stability.


ABEO Seat Belt Attachment

The ABEO pregnancy seat belt attachment for ambulances combines innovative technology with existing seat belts to create an “H” harness restraint system, rather than the current “X” pattern that crosses over a mother’s pregnant belly, which puts pregnant mothers and their babies at risk of fetal distress or abruption from a sudden stop or crash. Made of easily cleaned biothane, the ABEO successfully passed frontal, rear, and side collision testing.

Sharp Medical Products

REACTOR Thoracostomy Device Management

The REACTOR is a revolutionary, minimally invasive method to insert chest tubes into the thoracic cavity. Enables practitioners of a variety of skill levels, from paramedic to trauma surgeon, to quickly, safely, and efficiently decompress the chest and place a chest tube. Design advantages include a rotating, retracting blade, superior-fitting oval shaft, and chest wall “tunnel” for constant diameter.

SimX Inc.


Virtual and augmented reality medical simulation software replaces expensive, static, outdated simulation manikins with a virtual patient at about 1/10th the cost of traditional simulation. The system offers full control over patient demographics, environment, tools, and more. Features include wireless capability, moderator tools, and true in-person multiplayer compatibility with all major headsets. The platform is based on the latest evidence and best practices in simulation science.

Technimount System

Techni-Tab Assistant

Tablets used for logging patient information are among the medical equipment most lost or damaged during transport. The Techni-Tab Assistant allows medical staff to mount their tablet onto a stretcher, making it easier to enter patient information during transport. The mount is customized to accommodate different brands, models, and sizes of tablets. When not in use it can be stored on the stretcher to maximize space.

Thermal Custom Packaging

Cold Chain Specimen Tote System

Thermal Custom Packaging specializes in solutions for medical-based cold chain logistics for safe transport of medical specimens. The Cold Chain Specimen Tote System is a complete refrigerated or frozen specimen transport system with insulated carrier, proprietary phase chain materials (PCM) cooling packs, and robotics-ready test tube rack.


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