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Patient Care

Product Applications: Ambulance Safety for Provider and Patient



When transporting a patient, safety is key. Not just for the patient, but for the providers in the ambulance as well.

Ferno provides many lines of products that ensure the safety of EMS patients and providers in their ambulances.

Duane Ginder, manager of the EMS Department at Parkview Whitley Hospital in Warsaw, IN says his agency relies on Ferno's products to create a safe atmosphere for providers when they transport a patient.

Ginder says they have used Ferno's iN∫X cot and have recently installed the Ferno iN∫Traxx wall mounting system in their ambulances.

The iN∫Traxx system is designed to secure loose equipment inside the ambulance to allow paramedics to provide patient care from a seated and restrained position. This substantially reduces the risk of death and injury during transport.

Ginder says the system was easy to implement in their ambulances. "We're on the front end of it, and were sort of a beta test site for using the iN∫Traxx system in a Sprinter Mod ambulance," Ginder says. "But overall, implementation went well and we quickly were able to use it out on the streets."

Ginder says the best feature of the iN∫Traxx and the iN∫X products is the sense of safety they provide for patients his crew.

"The increased safety for our EMS caregivers and the patients and the back with everything being secured is huge," Ginder says.

Ginder allowed another nearby ambulance service to check out his department's trucks and take a look at how the Ferno system was installed in their agency. He says he was not surprised to find out not long afterwards the nearby service began planning a five-year switchover to the Ferno system.

"It's great that organizations are really looking out for the safety of the EMS employees and the patients," Ginder says.

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