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Patient Care

New IndeeLift Tool Assists First Responders In Lifting Patients, Reduces Back Injuries



Steve Powell, founder of IndeeLift, created the original Human Floor Lift (HFL) to assist individuals, including his own parents, who have fallen and are unable to get up without assistance. Now he has designed a model specifically for firefighters and EMS personnel.

The Emergency Services HFL-550-E is designed to address the growing problem of first responder injuries related to lifting patients from the ground or floor.

Ambulatory or immobile patients can easily and safely be lifted from the ground/floor to a height of 21 inches in under 60 seconds, allowing them to stand and walk away or be transferred directly to a wheelchair or gurney. The lift is also designed to be used for patient transport and is equipped with safety straps to secure the patient to the lift during transport.

Ruggedly constructed for long-life, utilizing a linear actuator and rechargeable lithium-ion battery pack, this portable roll-around design folds to a minimal footprint for easy stowage on most apparatus. The HFL also doubles as a dolly for equipment transport or becomes a field chair for extended triage.  

Powell developed the IndeeLift emergency medical services model after a visit from the Livermore-Pleasanton (Calif.) Fire Department.

“My crew and I were doing a fire inspection at IndeeLift and we saw their in-home model,” says Capt. Kurtis Dickey. “We indicated something like that would be great for us because one in every 10 calls is for lift assists. Steve called the next day and immediately started making a design for us.”

Powell presented the department with the first prototype in June 2016 and the first production unit in December 2016. The department carries the IndeeLift HFL on medical-emergency dispatches and has already used the tool to quickly and safely recover dozens of fallen patients.    

Dickey hopes to see broad use within fire and EMS: “The IndeeLift HFL for EMS is truly a product that will reduce injuries to EMS workers and their patients. Many of my friends and colleagues have suffered back injuries lifting and moving patients. Some of them have been retired out because of their injury. The IndeeLift is a tool that directly reduces the potential of a career-ending injury. Eliminating manual lifting is a great way to reduce injuries, costs, and improve patient care.”

The EMS version also features an optional IndeeChuck patient maneuvering tool designed for retrieving fallen patients from very tight spaces that the IndeeLift cannot reach. The IndeeChuck has four long strap handles that allow emergency responders to stand up when using the chuck to transport the patient to the IndeeLift, and the slick material allows it to easily slide on any surface.



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