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Veinlite EMS PRO Lights the Way to Better Vein Access



The new Veinlite EMS PRO promises happier patients with improved one-stick success. The EMS PRO, modeled after the Veinlite EMS, is the most practical vein finder for easy access in both adults and children.

The EMS PRO features a built-in white exam light for quick patient assessment anywhere, including low-light conditions. The unit offers high-contrast imaging using 24 LEDs in three colors, making it ideal for EMS practitioners. The EMS PRO operates with a single switch and comes with 50 disposable plastic covers, light shield, a pediatric adapter and two AA batteries.

The EMS PRO is ideal for all ages and works on all skin tones. The automatic shut-off switch provides longer battery life.

Billy Barnett, owner at Tennessee-based B.L.U.F. Consulting, which provides military medical and logistics training, is working to get the device into all U.S. military combat medic kits.

Barnett, who has served as a U.S. military combat medic and as a civilian nurse, said he has seen the EMS PRO decrease the time to find a vein decrease from approximately 40 seconds to just 15.

“That’s from placing it on the patient’s arm to sticking the patient,” Barnett says. “In the military, the patients often are in severe trauma and may be dehydrated, or their veins start to disappear back into their bodies. This helps us get an IV going much quicker.”

Barnett said field surgical teams began using the device in Afghanistan about a year ago.

“It’s in testing to get it distributed military-wide, hopefully in the next six months,” Barnett said. “And two of our simulation training centers are already using it. But any individual unit that is interested can purchase them now.”


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