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Skedco Bleeding Simulator Provides Realistic Training



Training with the Skedco HydraSim Trauma Simulation System is providing realistic scenarios that translate to quick patient care when active shooter incidents occur.

The HydraSim provides the illusion of external hemorrhage and trains responders in the various ways to treat those bleeding wounds, including using hemostatic dressings, pressure dressings and tourniquets.

The HydraSim provides a wide variety of realistic experiences, including lacerations, fractures, penetrating objects, gun-shot wounds, blast injuries, head injuries, amputations and eviscerations.

The skills taught include tourniquet application, wound packing, bandage and dressing application, and direct pressure.

The Seattle Police Department has trained with the system for three years.

“The manikin we use bleeds, has a pulse and gives real-life, realistic training,” says Seattle Police Officer Tyler Verhaar of the Education and Training Unit. “It’s so realistic, you can see, smell and touch the blood firsthand.”

They also strap on the 13-pound backpack to train treating their own wounds.

“When an officer comes to the aid of someone who is injured or he is injured for the first time in real life, it can be a jarring experience,” Verhaar says. “The officer might be in shock, so he falls back on the level of training and performs to that level. If you’re an officer who has had real-life training in as realistic scenarios as possible, the mind and body have that cemented into the brain and allows the officer to do what needs to be done to administer treatment.”

Verhaar said the training tool is invaluable for law enforcement.

“It’s very rare for firefighters and paramedics to come into a hot zone during an active threat,” Verhaar says. “When looking at mass casualties and active shooter situations, police officers are the primary line for treating victims who are bleeding out. We’re really following the military combat realm. Our police officers also need more training because more police officers are getting injured in the line of duty.”


Please note: Officer Verhaar stressed that he cannot personally and the Seattle Police Department cannot officially endorse the product, however, he would like to ensure this information reflects how they train with the product.


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