EMS Agenda 2050 Invites Feedback on Straw Man Document

EMS Agenda 2050 Invites Feedback on Straw Man Document

Article Sep 20, 2017

In the last few months, the EMS community has contributed input to the EMS Agenda 2050 team, helping to construct the Straw Man document that is being released today. This document is a step forward in making visions for the future of EMS more cohesive and come to fruition over the next thirty years.

The Straw Man document is a temporary platform intended to present the ideas offered by members of the community, rather than a finalized draft of the future agenda. Members of the Technical Expert Panel will be reviewing hundreds of ideas submitted in town hall meetings, conversation, and EMSAgenda2050.org.

The panel members have proposed six guiding principles to implement to achieve the goal for the future of EMS. The Straw Man document includes specific ideas contributed by community members and the panel is interested in hearing your critical and constructive feedback after considering these proposals.

The Technical Expert Panel is inviting individuals to submit their thoughts on the document, whether it be at a regional meeting, upcoming webinars or town hall sessions, or through EMSAgenda2050.org. Contributions to this open dialogue are highly encouraged to ensure the completion and success of the EMS Agenda 2050.


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While the motives for the Straw Man document report are dubious, and many of the facts may be "fake news", there does appear to be a connection between the decline of manufacturing and growing problems.

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