Welcome to Las Vegas!

Welcome to Las Vegas!

Welcome to Las Vegas!

No doubt you’ve been following the natural disasters in the news of late and have been proud to call yourself a member of a revered group: You are a first responder.

You deserve it. Look at the exceptional care we’ve been providing to flood and hurricane victims—from dangerous swift water rescues, to helping patients get to dialysis, to raising funds for victims, rescuers and their families, to treating wounds contaminated in filthy storm water, answering a seemingly overwhelming number of 9-1-1 calls, and operating a massive interagency disaster response center. It seems like there’s nothing EMS can’t do.

We’re a special breed of people who are out there to help others. And EMS World is here to help you, both in Las Vegas and at home.

Couldn’t make it to the show in person? Not to worry. There are a multitude of offerings on our website with coverage of the show. We’ll be streaming podcasts, posting videos and interviews, and conducting webinars to bring the show to you. 

If you’re reading this issue at EMS World Expo, chances are you’re more jazzed than ever to expand your knowledge base and unleash your potential to be the best EMS provider you can be. You’ve studied the schedule of events, you’re ready to learn, network and play. Just look at all of the exciting offerings at your fingertips.

Where Do You Begin?

If you’ve been to an EMS conference before, you recognize the feeling of being overwhelmed by all there is to offer. Too many sessions, too little time.

One of the things I’ve learned as an attendee but also as a lifelong learner and educator is that we gravitate toward the things we are good at. After all, the things that come easy to us are probably those at which we excel. So if you’re like me, you got excited to see the all the opportunities to discuss the latest effective responses to cardiac arrest, to learn more about the exciting field of MIH/CP and to polish your teaching skills. 

Why not step out of your comfort zone? Try something new! Pick a few sessions that make you a little uncomfortable. You’ll be able to pat yourself on the back for being courageous and that refreshing drink at ZOLLShockfest might taste just a little sweeter for it.

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Afraid of pediatric calls? Go to one of the many sessions on taking care of sick kids, or stop by the numerous booths offering pediatric-specific equipment in the exhibit hall and play with their toys a little.

Want to know more about chronic disease management because your department is implementing an MIH/CP program? Attend a session in the MIH/CP track to learn about how established EMS programs are managing their patients’ long-term health.

Curious to see what’s going on in prehospital ultrasound? Pop in to the Sim Lab in the exhibit hall to see that pneumothorax displayed on a smartphone.

Wanting to scratch that itch you’ve had for a while about publishing research from your agency’s innovative approaches? Go listen to a research guru give pointers on how to begin. 

EMS as an industry is slowly but surely integrating ourselves into almost every aspect of healthcare. At Expo, there is a multitude of exhibits, sessions and experts that can help you navigate the exhilarating opportunities that EMS affords.

And while you’re resting your brain and recharging from the onslaught of information, don’t forget to sit back and have a little fun. At Expo, you will meet some of the nicest people on the planet. There’s just something about the field of EMS; it draws in generous, authentic and enormously helpful people who will bend over backward to share their own experiences, help you launch new programs or assist you in honing your own skills. It’s a real-time social interaction that’s personal and professional. It’s all about networking. 

I wouldn’t be writing this column without the influence of those EMS helpers. You, too, can learn to overcome that awkward moment where you march up to someone you don’t know, stick out your hand and say, “Hi, it’s nice to meet you. I loved your talk. Could you give me some advice?”

Nancy Perry, my predecessor and mentor, is for so many that friendly expert on the other end of the all-important handshake. Her guidance cannot go unmentioned.

Get out there and learn. Get out there and show the world that EMS providers are who we say we are: kind, thoughtful, engaged citizens who will do everything we can to improve patient care and population health. 


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Toledo City Council approved the $800,000 contract for paramedic training at the University of Toledo despite some council members' attempt to reverse the vote to establish a cheaper program.
Nursing students were put to the test in a mass casualty simulation involving multiple gunshot wound victims.
Chapel Hill High School opened its Firefighting Academy, offering EMT and firefighter certifications for students to be eligible for employment after graduation.
Burke County's emergency personnel are training deputies so they can provide first aid to citizens before EMS arrive.
In a study involving 160 students performing CPR on manikins, the 95% success rate led Eashan Biswas to lobby for a district-wide CPR training program for students.
Following the lead of other churches in the country, Michigan church members receive response training to active shooter incidents and improve their security.
Residents learned about the 'run, hide, fight' response plan in the event of an active shooter situation, including giving medical attention to the wounded.
University staff were trained in using Narcan in addition to participating in a days' worth of events spreading awareness of the opioid epidemic to students and staff.
Portsmouth Ambulance partnered with Shawnee State University to offer 24 scholarships and textbooks to individuals interested in pursuing an EMT certification.
As gun violence increases in frequency, 'Stop the Bleed' aims to teach bystanders how to save someone's life with basic bleeding control techniques.
Before determining its value, we have training questions to answer.
To ensure citizens are prepared in the event of a mass casualty incident, the Edwardsville Fire Department is offering the community training on bleeding control methods and CPR.
What sends EMS providers to emergency departments? A new study delves into causes.
Excelsior College allegedly defrauded thousands of students and failed them unreasonably, preventing the majority of students from graduating, including a paramedic with 24 years of experience.
Platinum is pleased to announce its new collaboration with Corporate Screening, a provider of pre-employment and student background screening services, via their VerifyStudents platform.