Your Purchasing Guidebook for the New Year

Your Purchasing Guidebook for the New Year

By Scott Cravens, EMT Dec 01, 2017

Welcome to the 2018 EMS World Buyer’s Guide. As we say on the cover, this is the most comprehensive listing of companies, products, and services in the EMS profession.

The Company Section of the Buyer’s Guide, which starts on page 18, lists companies in alphabetical order with information on the products, technologies, and services each provides. For a quick review of companies by product category, turn to the Product Index on page 46. 

Once you’ve determined the products you’d like to learn more about, simply circle the appropriate number on the reader service card located between pages 34 and 35. You can also access company and product information through our online Product Guide at

In addition to the Buyer’s Guide, we are excited to present in this issue the winners of the Top Innovation Awards.

Each year our judges make their way around the EMS World Expo exhibit hall—the largest such EMS venue in North America—seeking out the most innovative products either launched or redeveloped over the previous year. Turn to page 74 to find out which products made the cut this year.

The 2017 EMS World Expo was the largest show in recent history, with over 300 exhibitors and 5,800 total attendees. The 2018 EMS World Expo will be held in Nashville Oct. 29–Nov. 2.

You can find EMS-related statistics from our friends at Firehouse Magazine on page 64. A total of 248 fire departments took part in this year’s Firehouse Run Survey. These agencies responded to almost 9 million EMS calls last year.

Finally, as this year draws to a close, on behalf of the entire EMS World team, I would like to thank you for your continued support. We wish you and yours a safe and happy holiday season and pray this Christmas that your sirens resonate only silence and your lights illuminate only branches. 

The acquisition expands Tri-Tech’s product offering to include first responder kits and emergency supplies.
CMC Rescue today marked its 40th anniversary year with a refreshed name and website and plans to introduce a series of products for rescue and rope access markets.
Boostlite® and Draftlite® become standard equipment on select FIRELITE® skid units.
New bleeding control technology is now being carried by select units in EMS, fire and law enforcement.
MedixSafe is the first manufacturer to require triple authentication on a narcotics cabinet, including a PIN, card and fingerprint.
The FDA approved ZOLL's entire portfolio of defibrillators to continue to be marketed and distributed.
Slotted Variable Mounts are designed to provide improved flexibility and customization when laying out and mounting to 1”x1” tool board grids.
The portable field kit enables the Transformer® scene light to be stored, transported and set up more conveniently.
The DPA Buying Group has welcomed thirteen new distributor members to its public safety products division.
The Parmarlow Foam Eartip fits comfortably in the ear to block out ambient noise.
What were the most pioneering new and reimagined EMS products and services of 2017?
We close 2017 with our annual Buyer’s Guide, plus a lot more.
Medline is one of the first to achieve a fentanyl-resistant product in response to the growing opioid epidemic.
PH&S looks to expand applications for its fentanyl-resistant glove to ensure the safety of first responders and healthcare personnel who come in contact with the substance.