Your Purchasing Guidebook for the New Year

Your Purchasing Guidebook for the New Year

By Scott Cravens, EMT Dec 01, 2017

Welcome to the 2018 EMS World Buyer’s Guide. As we say on the cover, this is the most comprehensive listing of companies, products, and services in the EMS profession.

The Company Section of the Buyer’s Guide, which starts on page 18, lists companies in alphabetical order with information on the products, technologies, and services each provides. For a quick review of companies by product category, turn to the Product Index on page 46. 

Once you’ve determined the products you’d like to learn more about, simply circle the appropriate number on the reader service card located between pages 34 and 35. You can also access company and product information through our online Product Guide at

In addition to the Buyer’s Guide, we are excited to present in this issue the winners of the Top Innovation Awards.

Each year our judges make their way around the EMS World Expo exhibit hall—the largest such EMS venue in North America—seeking out the most innovative products either launched or redeveloped over the previous year. Turn to page 74 to find out which products made the cut this year.

The 2017 EMS World Expo was the largest show in recent history, with over 300 exhibitors and 5,800 total attendees. The 2018 EMS World Expo will be held in Nashville Oct. 29–Nov. 2.

You can find EMS-related statistics from our friends at Firehouse Magazine on page 64. A total of 248 fire departments took part in this year’s Firehouse Run Survey. These agencies responded to almost 9 million EMS calls last year.

Finally, as this year draws to a close, on behalf of the entire EMS World team, I would like to thank you for your continued support. We wish you and yours a safe and happy holiday season and pray this Christmas that your sirens resonate only silence and your lights illuminate only branches. 

The company sells protective devices for stethoscopes.
A variety of solutions for audible emergency vehicle sirens will be announced soon.
Heavy-duty molded-plastic cradles allow multiple cylinders to be stored side by side.
Internal testing indicated a possible failure of the stitches securing the buckle to the nylon belt could occur, posing a potential risk when used on a patient to stop arterial blood flow.
The new EMP brand brings a more modern and bold visual identity to the company, which has served first responders for over 45 years.
The catalog provides more effective training tools for educators to train their students, who are facing an increasingly demanding work environment that requires confidence and problem-solving skills.
Optronics introduces a new low-profile, surface-mount LED scene light with directional lens and optics.
DQE's Sentry Shield personal protection kits range in coverage based on the severity of exposure levels responders may encounter.
The new model reduces the risk of tipping or leaking and can mount to any surface.
The CAREpoint Workstation provides communications between EMS providers and physicians while en route to hospitals.
Some of the products include Flow-Safe® disposable CPAP devices and BVMs with LiteSaver® manometer and integrated timing lights.
This free Buyer’s Guide outlines the key features to consider when choosing an RMS for your agency.
Sarnova is the parent company to several businesses such as Bound Tree Medical and Emergency Medical Products.
Interviews with end users of EMS products and services.
The acquisition expands Tri-Tech’s product offering to include first responder kits and emergency supplies.