Get Connected: EMS STRONG Campaign Aims to Help Providers Be 'Stronger Together'

Get Connected: EMS STRONG Campaign Aims to Help Providers Be 'Stronger Together'

Article Apr 12, 2018

Your dedication to improving the lives of others is a hallmark of the EMS profession. But we can only do so much individually. The truth is, we’re at our best when (and because) we work together – with our EMS service, with neighboring departments, hospitals and other healthcare providers. Responding and providing care side-by-side, with countless hours of preparation and training, we impact the lives of our patients, their families, and our communities.

Stronger Together


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The couple faces multiple charges racking up tens of thousands of dollars for crimes committed over a period of 10 years.
Firefighters, EMTs, police officers and military members will receive a 25% discount on all sleep products.
Coming in September, the stamp depicts a firefighter, EMS provider, and police officer.
The program helps military personnel explore career options as they transition back into civilian life.
Chief John Whiting underwent reconstructive surgery after being attacked by one of the resident's dogs.
Joyce Craig, who died in 2014, was Philadelphia's first fallen female firefighter.
Ryan Cumbie, 22, and Troy Breton, 55, were en route to a call when they crashed with another vehicle.
Webb City EMS, police and fire department members were given medals for reviving a man who crashed into a house after suffering from a heart attack.
A former police officer and ten volunteer firefighters have been arrested for setting 13 fires over a two-year period.
The crew came across a vehicle collision while returning to their deployment center and quickly worked to extricate the driver.
A security vendor crunches the data to determine a top 100. 
The two organizations have streamlined the recertification process with a new web functionality.
NREMT and CAPCE have partnered to allow EMS providers to import CAPCE-approved courses directly into their National Registry accounts.
A study will be conducted to determine if a string of cancer diagnoses among Seattle's Station 31 members is linked to the carcinogens in the building.
Spokane Fire District 10 scheduled all 12 women from the staff of 80 firefighters to work the same shift together.